Fine Sleeping Bags

Reduced prices for fine sleeping bags

When choosing your sleeping bag, think about the activity for which you will choose your sleeping bag.

If you are thinking about trekking, hiking or other activities where you will have to carry your sleeping bag and other camping accessories, we recommend you take a look at this section, fine sleeping bags in the sleeping bag section And mats , from CAMPZ . You should also take into account the weather or season of the year in which you will use your thin sleeping bag, taking into account the materials used in the thin sleeping bags. But we do not tell you any more, read on and discover this and more with CAMPZ thin sleeping bags!

Each of the parts in a sleeping bag

Fine sleeping bags, like many other types of sleeping bags, could be made up of the following parts:

  • Exterior: Composed of synthetic fibers and other materials that can read in the description of the products, many of the thin sleeping bags can be waterproof or breathable.
  • Interior: Ideally the interior of the thin sleeping bag is breathable so it absorbs moisture in summer and retains the heat in cold months.
  • Filling: Filling the thin sleeping bag is the most important thing to keep in mind when buying your thin sleeping bag.The finer and better protection, the better quality of the sleeping bag.Just as the weight and volume of thin sleeping bags are less to many of the other types of sleeping bags.Our fine synthetic fiber sleeping bags are easy to handle since they take up very little space and are not delicate, since they can be put into the washing machine without any problem.
  • Zipper: thin sleeping bags allow to open the zipper with great ease and through the whole side of the thin sleeping bag to facilitate opening and ventilation in case of high temperatures.In the same way that the rack protects completely the thermal insulation in case of high temperatures.
  • Hood: Many models of thin sleeping bags have a hood that also protects and prevents heat loss in the area of ​​the head.

Long live the sleeping bag!

Fine sleeping bags, like all mountaineering accessories and camping enthusiasts in individual or group tents, need special care, though not costly, but they are products that can be long lasting if taken care of.

At we want to give you some tips for a long life to your thin sleeping bag:

  • Shake the thin sleeping bag before use.This makes the sleeping bag increase in volume and better retain heat.
  • Always use dry clothes to sleep in the thin sleeping bag.In addition to being obvious, the sweat and dampness of the clothes diminish our hours of sleep, and consequently, our rest.It depends on the outside temperature, but it is always convenient to use less clothes than much.
  • You should aerate the filling of the thin sleeping bag, since during the night, the perspiration of the same accumulates inside, and this makes either lose its thermal capacity.
  • It is very important to use mats, among which we highlight Nomad or Outwell mattresses, since the humidity of the soil together with the weight of the person causes all that moisture is directed to our body, which is fatal for our body.
  • Never buy a thin sleeping bag too long as there will be much more space to warm up and the body and the inside of the thin sleeping bag will always stay finer
  • It is recommended that if you are in the campsite and you are not using the thin sleeping bag, do not keep it in the bag , and it is even more advisable that it be hung .The more ventilation and more air, the better the sleeping bag will be.
  • When storing the thin sleeping bag, try not to keep it in the same way .You can either store it without folding or folding it from different parts, so that the same folds do not always remain, as this can cause empty fill areas and therefore areas where thermal heat would not remain.

CAMPZ is your solution in mountain products

After all the advice you have been able to discover about thin sleeping bags, we advise you to finally take a look at the collection of fine sleeping bags that CAMPZ offers.

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