First Images of 10 BlackBerry Interface

Any you remember from the first leaked images of a terminal BlackBerry 10 a couple of weeks, now it is time to take a look at some screenshots of the system, in which we can see details of the new operating system interface of RIM.

The source of the news you warns that even if the images are mounted on phones BlackBerry 7, It has nothing to do with them, nor gives clues about possible updates, since it is expected that the new operating system pull more power process than we have at present, and larger touch screens.

Last November we saw a so-called BlackBerry London images, and Intuit that there would be a BlackBerry PlayBook-style system but miniaturized, indeed the basis of the system is the same, QNX, and it will be shared between tablets and Smartphones.

The first image we are with something undefined between multi-tasking or widgets, the latter very expected in the BlackBerry OS. In the next image we see the design of the desktop and icons, folders. Curious to see the game Cut the Rope, recently appeared on PlayBook.

In the next image we see something of the universal mail for different accounts manager, that it has already been shown in PlayBook OS 2.0. The names that appear in the image give some tracks, since some of them works for the design team TAT, acquired by RIM to improve the visual aspect of the system.

The last image shows us the different forms of communication we have with a contact in BlackBerry 10, as video calls.

Do the path that is taking like you BlackBerry 10?