First Original Production of Netflix in Brazil Will Have Felipe Neto

The Netflix said in February that he intended to become an HBO before HBO to become a Netflix, and started to invest heavily in original productions. It seems to be working: House of Cards, released exclusively on Netflix, it became the most popular series of service and received Emmy nominations. Now, the money arrived in Brazil: the first Brazilian production of Netflix will be starring Felipe Neto and will debut this week.

Based on The Office, The plays will be a series with only three chapters of 30 minutes each. The vlogger Felipe Neto says the newspaper O Globo that the series will have to fake documentary format and will behind the scenes of his production company, Parafernalha. All about 30 employees interpret fictional versions of themselves and program participation, which will be completely scripted.

To launch the first original series from Netflix in Brazil, lengthy negotiations were necessary, which lasted six months. Nevertheless, Felipe Neto says he had enough freedom to produce the play and had not even send synopses of episodes for prior approval by Netflix. Some speak more “heavy” were accepted without problems.

But why Netflix chose Felipe Neto for the first original production in Brazil? Apparently the service algorithms influenced the decision. Jonathan Friedland, chief executive communication Netflix says comedies licensed in the country, as Danilo Gentili stand-ups and Rafinha Bastos, plus the Panic program are very successful. So they decided to invest in the mood national.

We will know more about the plays from this Friday, August 9, scheduled to premiere the series on Netflix.

We recorded a special episode of our site Podcast on entrepreneurship in the digital world, which included the participation of Felipe Neto. If you have not heard, take to give the play down there. Our reporter estimated Thássius Veloso is interviewing Felipe and will have more information soon.