Fishing Masters Show 2014

On the 5th and 6th July 2014 the 3rd fishing masters show takes place in Lake fishing paradise KÖSTER. There are 60 experts for the predator, coarse, carp and trout fishing that can meet you live on the water.

After last year, the fishing masters show was a complete success, the 3rd event is already in the starting blocks. This time, the show in the contemplative village takes place Wehnen, in the fishing paradise KÖSTER Lake. With this, many experts such as Dietmar Isaiasch, Stephan again are Gockel, Babs Kiyevsky, Fred Kotowski, Bertus Rozemeijer, Gregor Bradler, Bob Nudd, Stefan Seuß and many more. Right on the water, they show you their techniques and answer all questions.

But also various fishing companies and tour operators will be on-site and present their innovations. By rods, rolls, bait, food, fishing equipment and fishing trips, it will certainly be something for everyone.Also can you not just look at the fishing tackle masters show at the this year’s fishing, but also to buy on the spot or book your next fishing vacation.

Highlights her again on Stephan can live vertical fishing Gockel’s boat, look Christian Weckesserauf at the rod building over the shoulder, predator fishing with Dietmar Isaiasch, test-drive fishing kayaks, take part in the big drill competition, listen to exciting presentations and, and, and. You can see, there is also this year again a lot on the fishing masters show. So, you take the 5th and 6th July 2014 red on your calendar and come to the biggest fishing event of in Germany.