Fitbit Charge HR And Fitbit Charge 2 Review And Analysis

The Fitbit Charge HR (version with heart rate monitor) is one of its best devices for athletes, and for this we want to make this review. Now we also add an analysis of the Fitbit Charge 2, a bracelet that enhances the Charge HR in different aspects, as you will see below.

Fitbit is one of the most experienced companies in the sector of wearable devices, specifically in Smartband and

s. This is an advantage in a market where there are more competitors every day. With the sixth generation of smartband, the eight years of experience give him a lot of advantage.

Although on Android .org clock we focus on the analysis of Smartwatches, we can not leave aside a device like this. A few months ago we did ananalysis of the Fitbit Charge without HR, in that article commented that the arrival of the Fitbit Charge with HR would suppose a quantitative improvement of this type of smart bracelets.

Update: We add an analysis of the new Fitbit Charge 2 bracelet at the end of the article.

What Is The Smartband Fitbit Charge HR?

This smart bracelet is one of the best bracelets on the market right now, reminding readers that this is an activity bracelet, not a Smartwatch.

Regarding the design, we can say that it is simple but at the same time quite comfortable to carry. In most cases, the feeling of wearing a smart bracelet goes unnoticed within a few hours of wearing it.

The rubber strap (elastomer) fits snugly with a buckle clasp that holds it firmly on your wrist.

The OLED screen of the Charge HR, unlike a Smartwatch, serves to give us only a limited and brief data. We have the time, data of our physical activity, and also will notify us, only, of the incoming calls received in our Smartphone. No other notifications!

Do not think that we will receive all kinds of notifications (like whatsapp , ortwitter ), because the Fibit Charge HR, we remember, is not a Smartwatch.

On the side we have a physical button that allows us to interact with the bracelet, such as starting the training mode.

Regarding the design, we can say that its steel buckle closure is quite safe, and that we can buy it in two sizes and in three colors (black, purple, blue). In addition, it is made to splash, rain, etc (it is advisable not to bathe or shower with it).

What We Can Do With This Smartband.

The functionality of the Fibit Charge HR is the one that is asked to this type of articles.

We could summarize them in the following three:

Measuring your steps,

Take control of sleep,

Recording the pulse continuously (this being your best contribution).

The heart rate measurement function is the great contribution of this quantizer bracelet. On the one hand, the Charge HR , does it continuously if we so indicate. It is not like other bracelets that only measure the pulsations at the moment we activate it.

In addition, the Charge HR does it with superb precision , it is not necessary to have any chest band or other type of heart rate meters.

Why do I need to know the heart rate measurements?

– On the one hand, we will have data of our pulsations and with this we will have a greater precision in the knowledge of the calories that we have spent during our exercise . With the indications given by the bracelet of the different zones of consumption, and the time in each of them, we will know with more precision how many calories we have burned.

– For athletes who need to know, with precision, their pulsations in their sporting activity. Especially the medium and long distance runners have to have a control of these pulsations in their activity, to know if they are training with the appropriate intensity.

– Even in aspects of our life, outside the sport activity; People with health control needs may want to know and record their heart rate, and their evolution throughout the day.

On the other hand, we must remind you that the bracelet has no GPS, so we can not know exactly the route taken in our activity. Although, with the application of Fitbit installed in our Smartphone, if we can activate the option to pick up the route, and even make us certain indications at different times of our exercise.

The Fibit Charge HR As A Sleep Meter.

This is still one of the most surprising functions of this type of device. The bracelet “knows” when we fall asleep and when we get up, no need to press any button. In our opinion in this functionality, a cheaper bracelet as the Xiaomi Mi Band outperforms the HR Charge.

The Fitbit bracelet, after collecting the data, tells us different moments of the dream; Later on a chart we can know the moments that we have been restless or awake. As a sleep meter it has almost the same functionalities as your little sister the Fitbit Charge.

Other Aspects Of The Smartband

The bracelet offers us other extra functions such as diet and calorie control, so you can carry your caloric contributions and the expenses of them exactly.

In the useful training mode , you can press the side button to navigate through the different data of information that offers us. Some such as: exercise time, calories, current pulse, distance traveled, steps, or floors raised (the subject of the stairs does not give very good result).

We are surprised of the Fitbit the duration of its battery that can reach up to 5 – 6 days, and that is fully charged within 1-2 hours.

If we have the pulsometer activated the low battery performance, as is normal. Even so, the battery life is considerably longer than most Smartwatch on the market.

One of the aspects that we like of this bracelet intelligent and that would make it almost perfect, is that, although it can get wet, it is not submersible.That is, it can not be used for swimming (perhaps because of its heart rate sensor). You should use other wristbands if this is your sport activity.

In addition to the bracelet, Fitbit provides an application to collect all the data and make good account of them. With the application we can measure our daily or weekly evolution, and even share the results through different social networks.

Fitbit Charge HR is compatible with Android and iOS. The bracelet wirelessly syncs with over 120 devices , including the most well-known Android Smartphones and iOS.

In summary, in the analysis of the Fibit Charge HR wins many of the smart bracelets on the market, it may be one of the best smartbands that currently exist.

Especially recommended for sports people (non-professionals) who need a constant and accurate measurement of their heart rate (and are tired of chest bands).

The New Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit has achieved with its new activity bracelet a balance between size and comfort, in addition to adding some functions and improving its design.Can you ask for more?

The enlargement of the OLED screen, and the incorporation of sensors likeGPS makes it to have something more of size, although it adapts well to the wrist, with the possibility to buy it in three different sizes. The strap has a classic closure, with the possibility of changing them and even getting, for the moment, two premium models.

The interface does not vary much from the previous model, and we have the possibility to move in it with a side button (too prominent in our opinion).

One of the demands of the previous model was the impossibility of receiving any type of notifications, with Charge 2 we can receive only messages and notifications of the calendar (perhaps in a future update of the app can receive applications).

One of its strengths is the battery life, much higher than much of the smartwatches on the market. It can be up to 6 days without having to carry any load. It will depend on the use we make of sensors such as GPS for the duration of the battery.

Some Functions Of Fitbit Charge 2, We Highlight:

Automatic exercise recognition with SmartTrack technology.

Heart rate meter with PurePulse control technology.

Monitoring of automatic sleep, and daily activity.

Breathing sessions before and after exercise.

Notices to move and stay active.

Silent alarms.

Multiport mode with GPS connected.

Message notifications and calendars.

You can buy the Fitbit Charge 2 on CHRONOLOGICALWATCHES.COM|Price approximately € 150.00.