Flyer: Taiwan’s Tablet to Fight the Big Boys

While the giants are fighting for the tablet market, other companies are betting on the midi-tablets, lighter and easier to carry.

This is the case of the Flyer, HTC, which is almost the same dimensions as the Galaxy 7 “.Headquartered in Taiwan, HTC is one of the largest technology companies in the Asian market and the fifth largest handset maker in the world.

The Flyer is a mini tablet with 7-inch screen whose great advantage is to allow the use of a touchscreen pen.Many technology experts have turned a blind eye to this functionality but it may be useful for some professionals like designers, architects, engineers, etc.Or even for the digital signature of documents.

It goes beyond Android

Despite running Android 2.4 for smartphones, HTC has sought to optimize the use of its desktop through the HTC Sense interface.

In the presentation video of this product what is most striking is its extreme simplicity of navigation, with very practical features such as the rotation of an application from horizontal to vertical, opening a new window.

What HTC Flyer looks like:

  • 1.5GHz processor, which ensures a certain peace of mind to work with multiple programs at the same time.
  • Its rear camera has good resolution: comes with 5 megapixels (with auto focus).
  • Multimedia features play most of the available audio and video files.
  • Ambient light sensor, digital compass and GPS.
  • HTC has a good track record with regard to user interface design and this is proven in Flyer.
  • OnLive service for streaming games based on the cloud.
  • Scribe resource that recognizes handwriting.
  • Timemark allows audio recording with notes for later use. Tapping a word on your notes plays the audio reminder you recorded.
  • Aluminum monobloc design.