Fostex TH-600 in the Test

The Fostex TH 600 based TH-900 – reference listener does not have but on its luxury facilities. Whether the Fostex construction still convinced after the purifying cure?

The Noble listener TH-900 has it: the earcups are made from the wood of Japanese ornamental cherries, were crafted first decorated with silver foil and then sealed with traditional “Urushi” lacquer . This time-consuming detail work hardly surprising the proud price of around 1,700 euros. Many headphones fans who are convinced by the sound of the Fostex TH-900, however, want a simpler variant: A basic version without optional, if you will, that could offer the same sound quality for less money.

It has perceived this desire in the distant Japan and designed the TH 600, to hike for about 1,000 euros over the counter. Already respectable handset such as the Denon D7100 or Sennheiser HD 800 cavort in this price class. Whether the Fostex plays even with TH-600 in the same League, must clarify the hearing test.

Fostex TH-600: Construction

But first the views of the technique: first it is striking that the new Fostex TH-600 with an either appearance than its big brother are satisfied. This does not mean however that the quality would have suffered: the TH-600 is down to the last detail accurately processed and is full of quality. The material for the padding of the headband and ear cushions comes already with the TH-900, a synthetic leather that is enriched with proteins to use.

The material like a cozy soft surface and should reach by the way a weight saving of around 60 percent when compared to genuine leather. Actually: The 370 gram weight of the TH-600 fall, hardly, especially since the handset offers an excellent comfort. Stronger, the Fostex still on your head could push even a hint.

For the inner workings of the TH-600, Japanese developers resorted also to the technique of the TH-900: two High-efficiency neodymium magnets propel the 50-mm “Biodyna” driver. The membranes consist of compressed natural fibers – therefore arguably the ‘bio’ in the name. The construction of the strong magnets and the Biodyna drivers to achieve a more dynamic, clear distortion poorer sound development over the entire frequency range.

Unlike the TH-900 consist the shells not of wood but of magnesium and are kept as also the remaining housing – in a discreet matte-black -. Inside the magnesium shells, a layer of special insulating material to suppress the emergence of resonances and also slightly better isolate the open Fostex before external sound. The shells is still something mikrofonisch respond to touch, therefore somewhat surprising. The fabric-covered, three-meter-long cable, but has a good cross-section – but is unfortunately not pluggable on headphones page.

Hearing test

Reminder: the TH 900 sounded so alive, directly and detail that it turned a very intimate feeling of hearing a. After the first bars of the TH-600, it was clear that he classified was more on the neutral side – without it but uninvolved or even fasting. Many more tried the TH-600 music as authentically and accurately reproduce – similar to a HD800. The Japanese was able to reproduce the lowest register pressure full as his German opponent: the bass drum on “Throw me away” by James chance (buy) the Biodyna driver converted accurately and with perfect timing – by bass mash no trace.

The crystal clear presence area votes gave a good assertiveness: the testers were amazed not bad, how easily they could follow Ken Yokoyama’s concise vocals on “Hideaway” (Mint Condition) despite the excitement caused by the brass. The piano with Jessica gall’s rain (Riviera) continued to build large and imposing on the stage and excelled with a kind of airy loose, which was to be the fresh high. Amplifiers, turned out to be the Fostex TH 600 undemanding and played with the most amps (as with the Fostex HP A8C or the Lehmann Rhinelander) equally well.


The vote of the TH-600 is slightly different from his big brother’s: more neutral and technology in love, he is again calm music. Visually, it occurs with a clearly either exterior, is equally accurate processes such as the TH-900. The TH-600 if you want a handset that is trimmed to neutrality, should try.