Four Absolute Trendlooks Of The Summer 2015

In the meantime, we have started in July, so at least according to calendar successfully arrived in the summer. It is also clear that here the looks and styles from the spring are no longer quite fit. For this reason, I have compiled four absolute trend looks for the summer of 2015 in this article. You will find this below, first you will see in a collage various outfits of these looks compiled, followed by a few words.

Blue On Blue

Whoever has not yet noticed it, is probably living really behind the moon. The trend color of spring / summer 2015 is blue, in different shades as well as textures. This is the color of the first trend of the summer 2015.

Blue is, so to speak, the new black, only with the advantage that blue garments come more friendly, also slim and can be combined with almost everything from the own wardrobe. When you put on the Blue on Blue look, it is important not only to use a hue of blue, but to combine a wide range of color and textures.

This should be done for the reason that a clear optical separation of the garments is apparent from each other. Because honestly Blue on Blue can look really good, but not if you look like a Smurf. The best effect with this style is achieved by wearing the lower layers of clothing such as a shirt rather in a darker blue, and the layers above, such as a light jacket in a bright blue tone. In this way the optical separation already mentioned is achieved quite well.

Denim Everything

Almost in the same notch is the Denim Everything look, which can be regarded as an absolute trendlook in terms of men’s styles. Here, however, it is much more the material than its color. It is, of course, true that most of the jeans dresses come in a blue color.

Was it a faux pas, a jeans shirt to put on jeans and, in the best case, a jeansjacke over it, this summer is all right, if one is wearing this look. Also with this look is that one should vary with the colors of the individual garments, in order to achieve a certain optical separation.

Personally, I could imagine a light blue jeans shirt in combination with a dark blue jeans as well as brown leather shoes with the matching brown belt. Surely an outfit that does not need to be hidden. Or what do you mean?

Printed Shirts

A piece of clothing with which one can always loosen up one’s own look and make it more individual is certainly shirts and t-shirts with colorful prints. Just this summer you will see this again more frequently. For relatively small money, there are chic prints in a wide variety of designs: full-coverage, center-centered or distributed as small accents over the shirt.

Either way you are not wrong with shirts with prints this summer.Also 2015 applies floral patterns are beautiful to look, color is a must and even dark, monochrome prints do not automatically look bad. It just depends on what you make of it and how you combine your printed shirts or shirts with the rest of the outfit. For me, no way leads to a simple jeans shorts in connection with a colorful shirt.

Sporty Look

While I have always defended myself, I had to take a sporty look on the road. For me, sportswear so far belonged to the gym, basketball court or jogging, but definitely not on the road. However, in times when the labels and companies continue to evolve and bring functional, rather handsome fashion to the market, you can jump over your own shadow and call it the sporty look on the street.

This is not to say that you will automatically go into the street in your jogging suit and business shoes. That would only be half as good as you imagine. But a clever combination of functional, modern sportswear with other clothes from your wardrobe can be quite impressive. A few inspirations, how this can look, you have already seen in the previously integrated collage.

Further Inspirations For The Summer Of 2015

In addition to the four trendlooks that I have presented to you today, there is also my contribution to the Summer Must-Haves 2015, which I can put to your heart.

In the context of this series, I have looked at different clothing and sneakers, which I believe to be a must-haves for this summer. The contributions to this I have linked to you below. Otherwise, of course, I am interested in your opinion about the Trendlooks in summer 2015 and whether something is for you.