Freitagsfund: Vintage Watches by Olivia Burton

Freitagsfund: Vintage watches by Olivia Burton

In today’s Friday, I would like to introduce you to the vintage inspired watches by Olivia Burton. But behind this name is not the name of the company founder or chief designer, but the two Londoners Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings. The two love nostalgia and decided to create their own watch collection after the unsuccessful search for a stylish watch with vintage character. The feminine ladies’ watches combine the charms of old times with the modernity’s dismantling, and despite its very detailed designs, the British impact remains unmistakable.

The two Londoners Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings have known each other since their first day at the London College of Fashion and have already gained extensive experience as buyers for Asos and Selfridges before they founded their own watch label. Olivia-Burton watches are characterized by their soft, light bracelets in classic colors as well as delicate pastel tones. The dial is also noticeable. You can choose between white, gold-colored or variants with sunray effect. There are also nostalgic figures or cheerful animal motifs. The watches have a playful, light charm, but are very clear in design. Perfect for the next tea party! Here you can buy them.