Garmin Edge 810 in the Practice Test

Lightweight, compact, multifunctional: The Garmin edge 810 is the perfect companion for mountain bikers and racing cyclists.

The Garmin edge 810 is something like the egg legend wool milk sow under the GPS bike computers. For 449 euros he is indeed not a bargain, but for his money, the sporty biker Gets a huge range of functions in one compact, chic and on top of that very light with only 98 gram unit.

And last but not least the edge of 810 comes with a Cadence sensor, a heart rate strap and a speed sensor, if GPS reception should stop once. These sensors can be easily attached to the wheel and connect via the wireless ANT +-technology with the edge.

The radio connection to the Garmin sports portal “Garmin Connect” is new: the recorded data is transferred after or during the tour via Bluetooth to your Smartphone and the free app “Garmin Connect Mobile” (iOS, Android). Also Livetracking, so tracking the tour in real time on the home computer, it is possible via the Garmin connect portal.

Battery lasts for 17 hours

Long gone are the days where GPS receiver were toys for nerds and tinkerers,: the Garmin edge is 810 of a resistive touch screen and served two buttons at the bottom of the housing, with the display in sunlight is still legible. The data fields can be freely, the menu pages be scrolled simply with one wipe.

The resolution is not enough while long on that of modern smartphones use, but for so long through the edge with up to 17 hours holds about double as the Smartphone competition. A big plus, especially on long trips.

Thanks to large enough buttons, the operation of the software is also no great mystery. With a few push buttons, the desired Navi is found and selected which enables perfect bike profile and start the recording of the route. Alternatively also routes can be with the edge charge or calling stored tours and again depart.

Topographical go extra

Factory Garmin rolls out at the moment the edge of 810 including sensors, improved mount and road map for the above price of 449 euro as a bundle. This card Assembly should meet racing cyclists as they struggle so often on public roads.

Mountain bikers, however, should urgently invest in one of the extremely detailed topographical which are for various regions at a price of approx. 20 euro to have Garmin BirdsEye select Garmin under the name.

Garmin edge 810: Facilities

+ extensive facilities + long battery life (approximately 17 hours) – no Topomap included containing high price

Garmin edge 810: Operation

+ Display reflecting wireless data transmission via Smartphone-app –

Garming edge 810: Conclusion

Are the necessary cards on the device, it navigates well. The route can be seen well, and understand, the unit Announces turns always on time with a clearly audible beeping.

Tip: Who would like to go to tours, where the portal GPSies ( is recommended. Here, not only a huge range for mountain bikers and road cyclists found it can be transferred directly to the Garmin edge 810 also tours from the portal.