Garmin Vector Power Meter Pedal System

Gadgets: American Garmin has finally introduced its long-awaited pedal-based power measurement system Vector.

The company was called MetriGear who worked on a pedal-based power measurement solution and as u.s. Garmin later bought up. Already three years ago, they went out and promised to soon introduce its kraftmätningssytem Vector on the market. A few years later, we understand that the path was crooked than they probably thought, but now know the Garmin finally that the product is ready to be released to consumers.

Force sensors are embedded in the two pedal axles together with Cadence sensors.Among other things, this means that the system can view balans different between the right and left legs which can be useful for those who want to trample on the smooth, round circles.

Spurtklossar according to the Look Keo-shape fits in the pedals and it can be both a for-or disadvantage depending on the pedal system (Look, Time, Speedplay, etc) as it is run in on. The transmission protocol ANT + follows the standard which means that each cycle computer that communicates with this standard is compatible with the Vector.

Garmin competitor Polar also offers a pedalbaserat force measuring system, but it can only communicate with polar’s own bicycle computers when they are not using ANT + Protocol.

The system Vector will appear during the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, 28-31 August. Vector is available on Carswers right now for 14,995 SEK.