Get the Best Sweater in the World!

If the assertion of the title of this post is true, we only know soon, but the Grand Frank, is responsible for this jacket beautiful here, is another project on Kickstarterthat also promises an amazing outcome.

Get the Best Sweater in the World

It is a knitted fabric with smart, preserving the body temperature, keeping the heat in the cold and preventing you warm in the heat. With this idea the Grand Frankhoped to raise $ 35,000 to the beginning of the production, but the target has now been hit with clearance, or is, already has us receiving the part.

Fabric technology

The secret of the fabric is in the fibers termorreguladoras made with the material known as Coolmax (55% of the blend) mixed the merino wool of New Zealand(45% of the blend). As we know, the wool quality is already a good insulator, combined with Coolmax technology, which was created in the 80’s, very used in sports clothing, the thermal comfort is practically guaranteed.


The 3 models are simple, but very elegant, with a basic mesh smooth, a cardiganwith zipper, type bomber jacket, and a collar type to declare for the item remaining. The colors are also neutral (green, navy, beige) and easy to combine with both jeans and tailoring.

As well as in your previous project, the Grand Frank has appealed to the experience of Italian craftsmen (always them!) and left the production of the fabric the charge of a lanifício in the small town of Reggio Emilia, in the region of Parma.

See below for the video that presents the project:

The cool thing about the way that the Grand Frank can pursue their projects with crowdfunding is that it allows for cutting out the intermediaries in the chain of production and distribution, selling the product for a value much more affordable. A sweater will cost only 89 dollars or a little more than 300 real, much less that a piece of this quality costs usually.

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