Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow

On my next trip (in a month it is as far as!) I decided Yes to take mainly cream products. In Brazil it is Yes but pretty hot and when the little makeup, it then carries, is already melting away, which is of course not good. But of course I have a few favorites, which may be and with the eyes to kill intense silk of of eyeshadows by Giorgio Armani I did also have good experiences with regard to the durability. I had been 3 colors of which I had but made two Fehlkäufe (including the #9, which for me was simply to bronze-Golden and the #2, which was simply just too blatant, but in the potty already a dream, namely black with red-pink stains). The #4 (dark silver) is still in my collection and is also included in the holiday.

The #28 is more or less current “Acqua collection for summer 2012” and unfortunately on Douglas online no longer available. I took with now luck (in the large Douglas) and him in Munich but, after I’ve seen him at → Delicate Hummingbird.

As usual, is the texture something special. Although powdery, but doing so extremely color intense, you need really little to achieve a strong result. Therefore I carry on now prefer the colors with your finger. #28 can be both delicate and rather sheer and strong aufgtragen. For a stronger result it is advisable also to apply the paint wet, which is also allowed when the eye shadow.

In the pot, the color is a dark gold with pink-bordeaux-color stain finish. The gold dominated, of course, when applying, the reddish stains are mixed with the color so that it gets a slight touch of bronze Brown. This is a warm, gentle tone applied the gold. As always, the sight in the pot is still wonderful. 🙂

The eyes to kill intense silk Eyeshadows included also extremely much glitter, so that the colors – especially in the Sun! -just sparkle. 🙂 You have to like the finish of course, but in the summer I like also like to be. 🙂

The iridescent effects on the eye, which occur whenever the EtK intense silk Eyeshadows are also particularly beautiful. So you have only one color, but shadow and light, it looks like a “complete” Eye makeup with multiple colors.

If you have come to the taste, I would recommend – as the color is Yes online sold out – just you might call in Munich in the Douglas and to ask if they still have the color. Eventually, the eyeshadow can be sent then to a branch in your area.
Of course you can call before a perfumery in your vicinity, resulting in Giorgio Armani (E.g. in Frankfurt at Kobberger).

Giorgio Armani gets her in Germany such as:
-Munich: Douglas Neuhauser Straße 3, Douglas Wine Route 7
-Frankfurt: Douglas on the Zeil, perfumery Kobberger
-Berlin: KaDeWe department store, Galeries Lafayette
-Karlsruhe: Karstadt
-London: Douglas King Avenue
-Stuttgart: Breuninger
-Mannheim: Douglas pedestrian zone