Goal Control Watch World Cup

World Cup 2014 (Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014) 20th World Cup. It will be held in Brazil from June 12 to on 13 July. The organizer FIFA conservative organization, but this time allow the use of special electronics for fixing scored goals.

The new system, called GoalControl-4D, will be used for the first time in the World Cup (elsewhere already used) and will facilitate the work of arbitrators insuring them of allowing some typical (and the world as this ) football errors, reducing to zero when the judges do not account properly clean-input / pocketed goals. The system is made ​​up of cameras (by 7 per door), which recorded a high speed and detail resolution. The cameras are located on the perimeter of the playing field (most of visors) and focused on football doors. They monitor the movement of football, capturing 500 frames (camera) per second. Specially developed software (holds 4.5GB per second) will automatically register a goal being scored in one of the doors calculating X, Y and Z coordinates of football, its trajectory and speed. Thus, if a soccer ball crosses the line, digitized system will automatically signal the Chief Justice and other makers of FIFA. Also see sciencedict for One Touch smart watch.

A notification happens by clever clock hand of the referee. Less than a second after celebrating the goal gadget vibrates and the screen it appears the inscription “GOAL”. The clock will only help the judge’s decision in the situation, but the aid can not be accepted. Well, if referees do not hear many computers may someday first to be replaced entirely by the latter. The smart watch system GoalControl-4D has been recognized as enhancement of basic wireless smart watch EZ430-Chronos of Texas Instruments. This is a hardware base (whale board, USB receiver, USB programmer, tools) for developers, which can be ordered online for $ 40-50 (example).

For many years, FIFA resisted the introduction of such systems, but a number of fancy mistakes in the last championships forced her to change his attitude. System (full presentation in PDF – here ) is a German production and is presented as “unhackable” (impenetrable for interference). Implemented at all (12) Brazilian stadiums participating in the Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014. Otherwise, the system is used for some time in the popular state championships.