Golden and Silverside in a Single Fishing

Either from the coast or on board, the area of Zárate bridges / long arm is always a good idea to fish these species. Image gallery.

Fishing in the area of Zárate bridges / long arm is almost always good. Practice is of coast on the docks of the Paraná Guazú, where fishing clubs, recreation and camp sites offer this service. Also on board with fishing guides or individuals who use nautical nursery facilities. Across the region, mainly on weekends, is a go and come boats looking for the prized mackerel.

Ariel Romero, friend and guide to fishing in the area, told me that he was coming to capture gold with fly traps, and it was also practicing bait casting on the shores of the River Paraná Guazú. I was surprised because the water already has cooled, situation which usually lethargic them. Similarly, Ariel informed me that in the morning they fished mackerel and afternoon gold. And with this promise we combine for an outing.

The meeting point was the service station before the second bridge in Zárate. There we were in the company of Leonardo Giménez and Leandro Poggi.

The teams

Very early arrived at the resort Island nursery. There was the Patricio Barreto guide waiting for us with your boat. Before we set our equipment: plug-in or telescopic rods between 4 and 4.30 m long and small reels of wide reel with capacity of 100 m of 0.25 mm, that allow us to collect more amount of nylon by turn of handle, especially when we bring the line from afar without fish (if you come with a nailing silverside collected slower to care for the extraction of the piece). We put lines with buoy criterion with multirreflejos numbers 15, 15A and 31 of different colors, since the Sun would not disturb us.