Golden Rules of Leggings

They returned to the fore about 6 or 7 years ago, directly 80s but never before have we seen so leggings: declined in all patterns and prints possible and imaginable. We present the new trends for spring summer 2013, and we give some advice to wear them to the fullest!
There are now an indispensable leader in the wardrobe of every woman , are practical, comfortable and versatile: this year the leggings are enriched with floral patterns and geometric prints . There’s something for everyone if we think that the big brands of underwear, such as Calzedonia and Tezenis declined leggings in all patterns, colors and styles. No shortage fluorescent colors, which are a must-have for the summer season, animal prints, ethnic prints, black & white stripes and even metal details!

Here are the golden rules of leggings:

1) Which of you has followed in recent years the TV series Gossip Girl , perfectly remember that one of the protagonists, Blair Waldorf repeated like a mantra the phrase “leggings are not pants !!” ( says leggings are not pants). If you call leggings or footless also commonly there is a reason, do not you think?

2) Second rule that can be connected with tranquillamenta before. As the leggings are not pants, must categorically avoid tying Short link. No one wants to see your underwear protrude transparency from bo worse side even the so-called “camel hoof” on the side. And no, a thong will not save you, rather, you will win the “queen of trash” award.

3) If you are in compliance with the latest trends and want to experience the fantasy leggings, the advice is to prefer a combination with neutral colors, a shirt, a blazer, or a fair minidress for not giving an eyesore to those who meet on the street. Yes to long necklaces and bangle bracelets, make it very very chic floral leggings.

4) To wear leggings it is not necessary to have the thread-like legs of a model, but always remember this little rule of “optical illusions” : the fantasies from the very broad grounds swell the leg. On the contrary, small drawings and vertical lines will make you look more slender.

5) The mid-calf leggings break the figure, if you bassine let them lose.

6) The leggings are perfect to be paired with ankle boots, biker boots, ballerinas and low sneakers. The trainers only match if you are going to run or to the gym.

Where to find them? Besides Calzedonia and Tezenis, the large low cost brand are marketing this new trend. Stradivarius has proposed a wide range of cotton, but you can also find them as Zara, H & M, Pull & Bear and Bershka.