Google Adds Images of Everest and Other Mountains in Street View

Climbing Mount Everest is not for everyone, requires months of training and preparation. The dormant volcano Kilimanjaro in Africa, is another mountain guarding challenges for any human being who risks up there. And the same happens on Mount Aconcagua. And what all these places have in common? Now you can explore (at least partially) these mountains known the comfort of home through Google Maps.

Google today announced the publication of images of these three big mountains (over Mount Elbrus in Europe) on Google Maps specifically in Street View. The capture of the images was made ​​by Google ‘s own expedition team. They used a camera common, a tripod and a lens type fisheye to take pictures in four locations. Below you see the double Googlers Dan FREDINBURG and Jan Rous preparing to take the pictures on Mount Elbrus.

In the four sites published today, the number of recorded photos focuses more in the camps and in the region at the base of mountains. So to see the peak of Everest close, just even giving a Muhammad and going up the mountain. And despite using the dummy-icon and the Street View feature of Google Maps, most are pictures of a region only, and not continuous as are usually in cities. Still, the images are nonetheless impressive.

See the full gallery on this link. And this other gallery were published more photos of the expedition record.