Google Announces Chromecast HDMI Dongle to Play Online Videos on Your TV

Taking advantage of the launch event of the Nexus 7 and Android 4.3, the Google launched a new product that promises to revolutionize the way we watch videos in your home: the Chromecast. It is a small dongle that you plug in the HDMI input on your television receives and smartphone content, tablets and computers.

Chromecast does not have the remote control, and that’s the magic of the product: you will navigate with a gadget that offers better navigation than that currently found in smart TVs. Face it: it’s much more practical to find a video on your smartphone to stay picking little letters on the remote control of the television.

To share music or videos, just that any device is on the same network environment in which the dongle is connected. When opening a compatible app, you have the option to choose where to display the content. You can also mirror the open chrome window on a computer on TV, all without wires and complications.

All control is done from your device. If you’re watching a movie with family but need to go out and take the device with you, no problem: just someone else open the same application and it is replaced by a control of the content. That’s cool, but I predict that his mischievous brother take command and proceed to the important scenes because the din has no limits.

Chromecast is already compatible with YouTube, Google Play Music, Netflix and Google Chrome. Support for new applications, such as Pandora, will arrive soon. In addition, you can view numerous other sites content, since it gives to share the Chrome screen television.

Google will also release an SDK for Android developers, iOS and web can implement the sharing features in your applications. I see no reason for Chromecast not be a sales success: he will come to the North American market on July 28 and costs 35 dollars, which is incredibly cheap. I plan to buy one: wait a review soon on TB.