Google Apps for Android Cell Phones

Since when I started using the Android operating system, I’ve been installing the top Google apps. This I do because I have no doubt about the quality of Google’s solutions for mobile platforms. In general, Google mobile apps are very well done and especially very useful. In almost every application, from spreadsheets to photographs, there is some Google application to make your life simpler and your phone more interesting.
Top Google apps
Drive, Photos, Calendar, Inbox, Keep, Sheets, YouTube, Maps. The list is so large that it becomes difficult to put all in one article. What’s best about these Google apps are the features you’ve launched. Google Photos, for example, has made unlimited photo storage available, only slightly limiting the quality of photos. Google Drive is one of the apps with the most free cloud storage for users. They are certainly apps in the list of apps that are essential to any smartphone.

Google Apps for Android Cell Phones
Where to download and install Google applications?
But how to find all Google apps and install them on the phone? On Google Play, I did this by searching one by one, or even by using Google in the browser bar of my browser and typing the name of the application.
In the Play Store, just search for”Google Inc.” and the returned list has more than 42 items: all are Google apps published in the Play Store by Google. It’s not too much?
Have fun with this list of top Google apps for Android phones and tablets.
What apps do you like the most about Google? What did you think? Share in the comments!

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