Google Assistant Will Come to TV Android, Android Wear and Android Auto, But Only to The United States at The Moment

Google Assistant arose as a change in the way in which we can use Android, being the first to bring it the Google Pixel which arose on the same day. Sold as an evolution of Google Now that would go beyond, and can speak with various devices in our House to, for example, seek information.

But Google wants that your Assistant can be on any Android device, such as for example those televisions and set-top boxes with Android TV. That Yes, for now only will it be implemented in United States, but like many of the things that make the Mountain View, we could end up by seeing it in the international market.

The first device to bring Google Assistant will be Nvidia Shield TV, and you can use commands to see a series or movie, search for content or seek information well on film or on other things, such as how long it will take to get to work. Basically, Google wants to get into all Android devices in your home.

During the next few months, shortly after the Nvidia Shield, intended to incorporate Google Assistant in all the Android TV with Marshmallow and Nougat from United States, including the new televisions OLED Sony Bravia as well as other devices such as set-top boxes in the style of the Box my Xiaomi. We hope that they will take not too to expand these characteristics to the rest of the markets.