Google Blocks YouTube App for Windows Phone (Yes, Again)

The application YouTube for Windows Phone, developed by Microsoft, did not last even two days after his reestreia. It was working perfectly in the last hours, until users began to encounter error messages. The reason is the same as before: according to Google, the application would be violating the terms of the YouTube service.

Apparently Google has revoked the key to the Microsoft API, preventing the application to work correctly. And this is very strange, because there are less than three months, Google itself said it was working closely with Microsoft to develop an application to follow the terms of use, based on HTML5.

But according to The Verge, which was answered from a Google spokesman, Microsoft has not improved support for HTML5 in Windows Phone to YouTube to work in its entirety. Thus, Microsoft would have relaunched the application that violates the terms of use. But Google is not clear what rules Microsoft is breaking – after all, now the app displays ads and no longer allows to download videos.

Microsoft has confirmed that your YouTube application has been blocked and is talking with Google to resolve the problem.

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