Google Could Be Redesigning The Navigation Bar… One More Time

Google is a little nervous, call me paranoid (paranoid!), but is that the American company never stops with the redesigns. If now I put Holo in the soup, I’m tired and now I invented Material Design, buy Motorola but I am losing money and sell it to Lenovo. Google does not stop, and wants us to be aware of this.

The companions of Android Police they received an exclusive with an image in which the icons for the navigation bar that would be were changed in Android N. It is not known if it will be exclusive Nexus terminals that run this version or will be extended to all the terminals that have the navigation bar on the screen.

The original idea came up in a discussion in which one said “why not get a flower in the ‘Home’ button?” Another said “No, better color it with the colours of Google”, until another came and said “Better still, why not draw a few petals flower around the”Home”button in the colours of Google?”. And so it might be.

Aside from the previous batty, Android Police gives this rumor a 7 out of 10 in terms of level of trust, Since this design change could change during the process or, directly, do not occur at all. In fact, the own “Home” button could have an animation to let him down.