Google Do Not Take a Commission on Purchases on Android Pay, According to WSJ

It was hoped that Google saw a small slice of every transaction made with your future Android Pay platform. As Apple with your system (where he receives a) 0,15%), all believed that the Mountain View were going to take slice of it. However, sources close to the company ensure that it will not be so.

According to the Wall Street Journal, VISA and Master Card (the main providers of credit cards in the world) have moved tab to create its own system of tokenization When it comes to mobile payments. What’s the matter? You have done so free and open access by what Google has no chance to change it to make a profit from this.

Towards the standardization of safety

On the same day that Google announced Android Pay, VISA did the same with its system of tokens, a standardization of security preventing to be free that others want to charge for using it. Tokenization exchanging data of the holders of the cards and account numbers with a unique set of numbers that validate the identity of the client. Merchants never have access to this information and is deleted once the transaction to prevent data theft.

Being a free standard, Google can not leverage to charge using its own technology. Thus, credit cards and banks have again the Pan by the handle since, as they have in WSJ, it seems that Google was looking for an equally beneficial agreement that had Apple with its payment platform.

Although it affects Google, Apple could also be affected with this movement by VISA and Master Card. In his day, banks in United States moved tab to ensure be Apple Pay but this situation could press to reduce or even eliminate the rate currently taking.