Google Is Encouraged to Launch Edition Covers Limited with The Collaboration of Artists

Google you’ve seen that covers to protect and customize our phones are still much market to exploit, and is for this reason that it has encouraged to collaborate with artists to launch a series of limited edition covers, at least in the United States.

First limited edition covers have already put on sale in the Google Store is designed by American electronic music producer Skrillex, designed three covers (Space Shield, Circuit Bae, Lil Planet) compatible with 5 nexus, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy 5, Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy and S6 Note 4.

These cases of limited edition cost $40 are numbered shape individual and includes smart features like an animated wallpaper and a shortcut button that allows us to configure it to open any application, the camera or the website of Skrillex.

Your wallpaper during the day will show made with Skrillex satellite images of the Earth and showing the evening constellations that can be seen from your location. In addition, customizable shortcut button allows you to access your favorite content with a single touch.

The buyers of this cover will also have VIP access to contents of Skrillex, access an album of favorite artists of OWSLA of Skrillex exclusive and completely free of charge and you will receive all the news about Skrillex.