Google More Innovative Than Apple?

Apple has been a fairly innovative company in the past few years, because in recent history Steve Jobs and his team have invented the MP3 player, the smartphone and also the tablet. However, some people now see a twisted world, namely Google as significantly more innovative than Apple.

These people include Walter Isaacson, who had a close relationship with Steve Jobs, as he wrote his biography. But is Isaacson really right? Of course, but the comparison lags significantly. While Google is working with institutions like the X Labs to develop and research in virtually every possible area, Apple remains faithful to its line, namely, the very normal consumer electronics. In addition, I am sure that Google deals with future projects simply more openly, Apple, on the other hand, little, until nothing betrays.

This is how Google is investing much more in the future, but is also quite different in this area, just by the leaders and thinkers Larry Page and Sergej Brin, who want to make much easier with the available technology, but not just with products directly for the end customer. But: Innovations to and fro, so far, Google is only researching and developing, a final product has not yet appeared.

So you can not argue whether Google or Apple is more innovative iWatches. If Apple were surprisingly reinventing the Smartwatches in the next days with an iWatch and once again stamped a market, they all talk differently. Google, however, has the advantage of having many cunning people in the house, who are doing the company properly. Steve Jobs lacks Apple pretty, at least that’s the impression since his death two years ago.

Google is currently developing self-propelled cars, networked mobility, smart glasses, smart contact lenses, internet via balloons and much more.