Google Presents Key Features of Android or a Video

Little more than one week ago Google released its first ‘Developer Preview’ of Android or (and the only one until May) so that developers are starting to try this previous version of the operating system. However, rather than distribute it through its programme of betas, have preferred that each Flash by itself on your compatible device.

To be a first ‘preview’, Android or presents some quite interesting features, although we are sure that they will not be the only ones that we see. But to let developers know what its most important new features in a simple way, Google has released a video in which Nashir Khan you are counting them over almost six minutes.

Some of the novelties that Nashir Khan presented in the video are the new notification channels (which allows to group notifications depending on the type that are) or the limits in the background, that you focus on improving as much as possible the autonomy of our smartphones. The video also include automatic filling so fields as the password (for example) will be something simple.

The video, but is intended for developers, anyone who has an interest in knowing the news of Android or in its first ‘preview’ you will see it and understand it. If you are this type of person, a little further up leave it you so you can check it out.