Google Presents The 11 New Emojis of Professions and The Promotion of Gender Equality

Google officially presents the new emojis which will arrive in future versions of Android and other platforms. The Emoji Unicode Subcommittee has approved to add the 11 emojis of professions and the promotion of gender equality Google proposed them last month of may.

The new emojis proposed by Google will reflect the equal of gender, that the same profession that one man can make a woman and vice versa, something that currently happens with the emojis, the emojis of professions are only represented by the masculine gender, and many emojis only by the female.

Unicode has approved to add 11 new professions with the options male and female emoji and with all skin tones, which translates into more than 100 new emoji to choose.

But the news of equality will not remain in the 11 new emojis, also will be the male and female versions of 33 current emojis, i.e., in all human emojis there will be male and female version.


Finally, and on July 17 is the world day of the Emoji, Google launched a stickers Emoji creator that allows us to design our own emojis.