Graduation Dresses-Perfectly Styled For Every Graduation Ceremony

Who Am I?

Hello, you call me graduation dress and I am the perfect companion for all kinds of graduation balls. One often confuses me with the abball dress. 

As far as the event is concerned, I am by no means as determined as my colleague. Depending on which final ball my carrier takes me, I can be short or long as a prom dress.

Important to me in any case:

A figurative cut

Light flowing fabrics

Festive colors

When designing my details, I am very open. I like to emphasize a nice cleavage or a nice back. If you want, find me and the other prom dresses in many facets. The pink mini dress with laces and the wine-toned evening dress with train belong just as much to my repertoire as the dark blue princess ball gown with a broad skirt part

Where Do I Stop?

As my name suggests, I feel most comfortable on graduation balls. From school graduation ceremonies to the dance lesson I was already seen everywhere. Anyone who would like to celebrate his vocational training or the university degree should definitely take me with him.Thanks to my diverse character traits, I can adapt perfectly to my wearer.

What Are My Favorite Accessories?

Since there is always something to celebrate with me, I always look forward to a few pretty flowers. Whether as a bouquet of flowers, corsage for the wrist or as a beautiful head-dress is left to every woman herself. Of course I am, like all prom dresses, quite demanding in the selection of my accessories-because you finally going once in a lifetime to own prom. I am happy about all kinds of jewelry, whether gold, silver or precious stones. What is important to me is that they fit perfectly with me. For who likes to look at a prom dress without a match? Last but not least, I always have a small handbag with me personally Pochette and Clutch favorite.

What Can I Do Not Suffer?

Absolute No-Gos are for me sneakers and flip flops. I want to be elegant and seductive and not compete or go swimming at the next tennis tournament. I always pay attention that you do not see the underwear of my wearer. After all, panties that appear under the ball gown or flashing bra straps often ruin the solemn mood. For me counts that I fit perfectly to the complexion and the hair color. It bothered me very much when a spring type with light skin and blond hair chooses a cool blue tone or even black. Autumn types with green or brown eyes and dark brown hair I always advise the fingers of pink or snow white leave-otherwise I prefer to stay at home.

What Is Special About Me?

You can take me to any final ball and you’re always styled-provided you trust me in the choice of shape and color.