Gray Contact Lenses: See the 7 Best Models and Brands!

Have you ever considered putting on contact lenses gray? The tendency of using these accessories to give a total up in the visual and to leave the style differentiated and with much personality is always in high. Turn around and many famous people adhere to this fashion and inspire many people. If you are looking to change the color of your eyes, check out tips and the best options of models and brands!

Contact lenses have already become a popular aesthetic ornament between men and women, especially the younger ones. There are many shades that give a touch of the visual, from a natural option to a more impressive.

The reasons for joining these accessories are varied, from changing the natural color of the eyes to a job (actors and models use a lot) or going to a party. Either way, the great advantage is that it can be removed without problems and, since closely monitored by an ophthalmologist, there is no damage to eye health.

The gray contact lenses achieved a powerful status, weighted by a bold alternative culture that gives a different look and worthy of movie or cartoon characters. It is a type that is more and more common, with light and dark tones and that give a charm more to the appearance of any individual.

Tips For Choosing Gray Contact Lenses:

First, consult an ophthalmologist or optometrist to make a thorough evaluation and know the best type to use;

From there, the professional will indicate a mark of confidence and that does not cause damage to the eyes;

Never start wearing lenses on your own, especially from dubious and cheap brands. Be wary of these ‘easy’ options;

It is paramount to be safe and determined before joining the gray contact lenses. For many people, it is a shock and a radical change!

What To Consider When Choosing Contact Lenses Gray?

For a good effect, it is crucial to consider the skin tone and the color of the eyes . Sometimes they may not match, though the result is not as radical as green or blue, for example.

The gray is versatile and complements efficiently in various colors. Experts ensure that it leaves the natural look and deceives a lot, in many cases giving a ‘mysterious’ touch.

For those with fair skin/hair, gray looks very good, just like blue. For browns and blacks, you have to test well to choose a tone that is not so shocking-unless you want just that!

Well, if you still do not know what to do, it is ideal to consult a doctor to get all your doubts. On the plus side, if it is decided, check out some tips on models and brands of gray contact lenses!

Gray Contact Lenses Brand Tones & Tips

Now extrareference lists the most common shades of gray contact lenses you find in optics:

Light gray, pearlescent and with a more prominent effect.

Medium gray , an option between light and dark.

Before choosing the perfect shade of gray, take the test with the specialist. So you do not make a mistake when it comes to buying. Stay tuned!

Top Brands Of Gray Contact Lenses:


It has many options with degree and without degree, with gray and intense gray. The price varies according to the type, from 50 to 140 reais.

Solflex Natural Colors

The gray of Solflex is called crystal, with a very clear tone and indicated by many users. It has options with degree and without degree, with average price of 55 reais.

Magic Top

The Magic Top gray is very soft and looks natural, enhancing the look in the right measure. Also has lenses with and without degree, in the average value of 100 reais.

Air Optix

The differential of this brand is the manufacture with hydrogel that, according to the manufacturer, has transmission of up to 6 times more oxygen than other colored lenses. In addition, it is comfortable and has a medium gray or vibrant/intense shade. Price: from 100 reais.


With 9 colors, the Lunare is democratic when it comes to gray, 3-tone contact lenses. The great advantage, according to the brand, is TKI technology, which provides greater comfort and a totally natural touch. Average price: 180 reais.

Optima Natural Look

With a huge variety of green and blue tones, the Optima offers two types of gray, for light brown and dark eyes. With degree and without degree, starting from 80 reais.

Color Vision

One of the best known, it has a unique shade of gray, made with imported raw material with high oxygen permeability. It is the cheapest option, with value starting at 30 reais.

Gray contact lenses are a great option to give a great visual highlight. If you like and feel good about this prop and color, consult a specialist and get started! Give a boost to your personality and always change!

If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, leave a comment in the post. Good luck and see you next time!