Great Ideas of Lighting For Children

Adequately illuminate the room of children is not child’s play. Light in this type of stays and available here are as or more important than in the rest of the House: a relatively unknown universe but with infinite possibilities, some of which we develop here, today, for you.

Binic of Foscarini. Ideal for studying direct light table lamp. Available in white, grey, green, red, blue and orange.

From strategic night lamps that give light without revealing until able to illuminate a stay allceiling lighting fixtures, lamps and removable to able to move easily to the needs of every moment. Paramount when it comes to light up a child’s room is to have the ability to create a pleasant atmosphere combining lamps adapted to each area… because the light of the playground should not be the same as the study area, for example. Here are a handful of brilliant tips for converting the fourth of infants in a practical, colourful and comfortable corner.

Basket of Santa & Cole. Table lamp in cherry wood and easily transportable polyurethane screen. Ideal for foot of the bassinet.

Marset FollowMe

With a similar design and a more reduced format, Follow Me by Marset is rechargeable. It includes LED technology, controller dimmer intensity, battery and USB input for charge.

+ Natural light: is vital to make the most of it. Recommended light coloured walls and translucent curtains able to attenuate the direct light of the Sun.

FL / and Kartell is made in transparent methacrylate and a wide range of colors – Blue, yellow, red, Orange, pink, green, white, black, copper and gold.

+ Artificial light: the optimum would be to combine general light – lamp ceiling or ceiling able to illuminate across the room, for example–with spot lights to each area. Avoid glass, their dangerousness, as well as halogen and fluorescent tubes because of the high temperatures that manage to reach.

Ceiling and wall Estiluz Balloon. Possibility of direct and indirect light.

Topolina Marset. Aluminium reflector that optimize the light output.

+ Safety: all these fixtures are subject to rigorous controls so that children feel safe and to be, in fact, it – outlets with safety caps, secured applique, cables out of reach. Opt-out LED is to ensure that the children will not burn, if they touch them.

Moooi Lolita is a very feminine screen module injection ABS and polyurethane base table lamp.

+ Comfort: must place lamps at strategic points outside the field of action of the children. A cheerful and friendly atmosphere is compatible with a practical approach. Play, without fear, with the composition… have fun!

Kushi of Kundalini. Versions maxi and mini Kundalini kushi are perfect for decorating and illuminating, at the same time, any corner of the room. Also available in color sand and format ceiling.

+ Night light: a recent study indicates that 25% of parents Spanish bid to leave a light on every night for the little ones.

Olive lighting we have lamps with LED technology for low consumption adjustable – possibility to install motion – sensors. These are the options to illuminate a children room at night…

Lamp for the bedside table of indirect light, with a multitude of colors and shapes. This model, inspired by a mushroom, is Nesso by Artemide.

Profiles of LED strips in different colors – requires installation.

Ingo Maurer Zettel’z, 40 sheets of Japanese paper A6 printed and 40 white.

Stand with a soft and warm light effect display. You can get that light is even more indirect by placing it in a corner of the room.

Birdie and Ingo Maurer Lucellino

Wall or desktop like this by Ingo Maurer. Lucellino is called and is made from natural goose wings. System Touch Tronich optional. Your left to Birdie, the ceiling version.

All these lights – and many more – are on sale in our online shop.