Green Mint Fever: One of The Colors of The Season Spring-Summer 2012

Mint green or green mint, one of the colors of the season. In this spring-summer 2012 appreciate very disparate trends among themselves. We still are the remains of fluorine tones in small details and example of this are the garments of María Escoté I teach a few days ago.

But in this mix of contrasts on the other hand we have the pastel tones. Blue, pink or yellow star in a season that also has its relaxed and green Mint has a very special place. This color makes several summers arrived with a large force in the female collections and is now installed in our wardrobes.

Street Stylers, footbridges and the collections of the low-cost shops they have decided to bet on this color and give coverage to this trend that comes with the air fresh, young and brings large foci of looks to our outfits. Let’s see how we can wear this color.

The catwalk spoke

During the week of the fashion of the past September already presagiamos that this tone would be a remarkable importance in our wardrobes. Milan Huomo or Paris showed collections in which green mint stood out against the rest. The parades of Zegna or Calvin Klein they are two of the examples.

T-shirts and shirts

Perhaps the way that I like to wear this color is in t-shirts or shirts. These items can be very flexible and you can “ abuse ” both colors and prints and drawings. The first, of TopMan, I like especially and I have it booked in my Wishlist. Shirt, of Zara, It has a few details in this color that are great.


In this fashion to the colors pants This shade of green also has its place and shops such as TopMan and H & M have covered this need for mint. A Council to combine is to do it with other more basic. The target can be a great ally.


If ours are the shorts, bermudas or shorts, We can also do it. If this you liked, you can find it at H & M. What I don’t like are to be clip since having this line in half the leg is more deformed.


With the summer come the withes! that you seem to return each year to our footwear. They are comfortable and fresh and I personally give much use. Yes the trend last summer in the withes male were featuring stripes, this, the pastel shades have monopolized this model. And now if we want to go further with the Add-ins, We can carry this color our glasses. Would you put them?

Do you like the trend? How do you take it?