Guess What Are The Favorite of Peter of Iron for This Spring 2012

The truth is that Pedro de el Hierro It is one of those names that, they fall in love, or they dislike completely. We must recognize that its classicism does everyone delight (I have to admit that me, yes) but your clothes are usefully busy enough to present a fresh, youthful and colorful style to avoid falling into monotony.

Why you have chosen for the firm are the most pampered garments and that has more affection and also believes that they should not miss in any closet someone who prepares to go to the last. If yours is the preppy style and college, Welcome to the world of Pedro de el Hierro.

We started with this Polo multilistado, short sleeves with striped and blue and white double neck. A navy style very flattering, quite adjusted to the body with slim fit cut and of course, the logo PdH embroidery.

Definitely one of my favorites: Classic shoe shoe sport touches, die cutting with lace-up closure and combination of skins pull up mounted on rubber floor. Cognac with the blue color is just perfect to combine with a few Chinese or white jeans.

Something classic? We tested this American PdH Sport in Wales with two buttons closure box, two pockets with flap and one of cut chest, all in color blue and again ideal to combine with light-colored garments.

If we want shirts, the truth is that it’s Poplin long sleeve with background color with white fine picture, collar Italian and twin to decorate seems all a choice.

Although we can always change the twins and opt for ones like these, mimicking an electric guitar of black lacquered metal to complete the model. Simply perfect.

The Aviator jackets they are also one of the vagaries of this spring 2012. We can find an example in this straight jacket with collar, Strip with interior hood and pockets fantasy to give more prominence to the design. His chocolate-brown can combine perfectly with so abundant collection blue.

And to finish, hand like this finished in nappa leather weekend bag with a piece of metal of Pedro de el Hierro in the Centre as they tend to get used to. To add details to Assembly, an outside pocket and an inner zipper.