Guru Bags Venter Brown

The fashion label Guru gives us a special line of handbags which is available in limited edition, it is the first time that this label is launched in the realization of the bags and does it in a very special way! The Guru bags are offered in limited edition, there there are only 99 numbered all that will be on sale from March and its price to start is 400,00 EUR, can be found in single-brand Guru further example in Milan, Shanghai, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Barcelona.

The adidas limited edition backpacks were made ​​in collaboration with the Emilia company PMM Brands Fashion Project, which is part of the soul handicraft line -Made Kustom, former star of the last GURU seasons.

The bags are made ​​entirely of 400 original old Italian armies of various uniforms, unearthed in vintage markets, which were then treated, processed up to create bags and totes trendy and cute that you can wear both to go out for walks but also for a mountain expedition, you will definitely feel more charges knowing that these bags were once divided true.

The bags are four, we have the army jacket that becomes a maxi bag multiple pockets, the Saharan instead turns into a bag complete with a burnished and applied coats of arms buttons, the parka folds back on itself, and out pops a nicebag with handles covered with tapes, from pants instead comes a shopping with golden décor.

Textiles, leather and leather assembled in a traditional way to give new life to pieces of fabrics that have the history inside.