Impossible to find excuses for sports without maintaining the style! Every day I am more fan of this brand.

I do not stop to thank Stella McCartney for allying with Adidas to draw lines of sportswear. It is that if it were not for these connections, perhaps the signatures low cost not strive so much for giving us more and better collections of clothes for the gym or exercise. And to show what better to see the strides that Oysho gives every time you walk through the field of fashion sport. His collection Gymwear Autumn Winter 2012-2013 simply fascinating.

If last week, H & M Sport filled us with ideas for outfits with their padded jackets and functional mesh, Oysho has come to delight us with this very unique style and super feminine. The differences between his collection of Gymwear Spring 2012  and the new, are almost abysmal, because while the former opted for stylization, this strip of the basics, sensual and modern. Go explosive mixture!

I must say that I identify more with these looks . They are  much more earthbound than last season and are more in line with my practice running or yoga. And as I work myself to run, you can serve yourself to the gym.

What about these transparent tops? I think I will cost to find a more elegant garment to stretch muscles. Not to mention the classic Adidas sneakers that, again, is intengran a collection Oysho to achieve more organic compounds.

Meshes, jackets and bras still made in flat colors and very autumn, except one pair of clothes in orange and burgundy tones that have crept into the trends for next season.

All these items make me think that this Fall, for me, is even sportier than 2011. It’s that I want to get inside them all the time!