Hair Styles For The Summer-That’s The Order!

The hair styles of the current season are always good for you whether this is now trendy trend hairstyles for the winter or an interesting spring break like The French Crop. For this reason, I decided to introduce you to four styles, which you will surely see in the summer of 2015. On the overview page: Hairstyles for men you will find all the hairstyles guides listed. So quiet times.

As you are already familiar with the previous contributions, there is a small collage, which shows you the respective hairstyle followed by a few words about the hairstyle. This time, too, I’ve tried to find hairstyles that fit different styles and styles. Therefore, your summer holiday 2015 should certainly be part of it. If this is not the case and you wear your hair quite differently, we are happy about your hair styles for the summer 2015 in the comments.

Now, have a lot of fun with the hair styles for the summer of 2015, which show once again that a new hairstyle is already enough to give the look a new look.

Buzz Cut

The so-called “buzz cut” can without doubt be described as a classic and masculine hairstyle. This is a hairstyle, which can be cut without much effort and also does not require any special attention from the everyday styling.

It is important, however, that the Buzz Cut is to make sure that this fits to your own face shape. In any case, it is advisable to consult the barber of his trust beforehand. The hairstyle is best suited to strong, rather square facial shapes, but can also be adapted to other facial shapes by adjusting the incision. From personal experience, I can say that with me a buzz cut-rather long, narrow face shape-not so good looks.

The nice on the buzz cut is but definitely that this can be used as a basis for further hairstyles. So you can play a little bit with the hair length in the neck area and on the sides to achieve a completely different style. If you decide to leave your hair short on the sides and only carry on longer, you have a typical French Crop.

The Fringe

If you wear your hair longer, then the Fringe is more interesting to you. With this look, you wear your hair longer and lets it fall forward in the face. Where you can actually wear them in the middle of your face or just bring them into shape with a corresponding wax.

The Fringe may appear a little too much of the good in summer, but only at first sight! To prevent too much heat and heat on your head, you may ask your hairdresser to cut the hair a little bit shorter, or to thinning the hair a little to achieve the same effect from the styling, but less hair on the head carry.

It is recommended to wear the style as relaxed as possible, not to use heavy, strong styling products. Less is more here, because just in the summer you would like to drive through his hair now and then. Rather, one should put on styling products, which have a matt effect and do not start with too much heat to “melt”. Finally, you want to keep the wax in the hair and not in the middle of your face, right?


There are, of course, still the men, with whom longer hair automatically wrinkles and comes into its very own form. But do not worry, if you are here you do not have to straighten your hair, because natural wavy hair is fully trendy.

Also here, as with the Fringe, less is more. So if possible, dispense with styling products and wear loose hair. Either completely normal, like the hair just fall or combed back, so that you have a clear view in everyday life. This type of hairstyle is extremely casual in everyday life.

When styling Wavy/Curly hairstyles, there is also no need to set individual strands or hairparties in the scene. Just walk with your hands a little through the hair, shape and align as you want and then just wear it as they fall. Would definitely be a hairstyle that I would wear if I had curling hair.

The Slickback

With the fringe we had a haircut that fell directly into the face, with the Wavy/Curly look, the hair was dropped as they are, what now comes? The Slickback, as the name suggests, the hair is turned backwards. In addition, this look does not apply to a matte, but glossy finish, to give the hairstyle even more effect.

The slickback is a hairstyle that holds all the hair out of the face, in so far as it has been shaped with a corresponding styling product.Also with this hairstyle it is recommended, from the own hairdresser, a little volume from the hair, in which they are a little thinned. This not only allows easier styling, but also makes wearing the hairstyle a bit more enjoyable in summer.

Like the Buzz Cut, which plays at least from the hair length in a different league, the Slickback offers a good starting point for further hairstyles. So you do not have to put on the typical wet look, but can also wear the hair dull. Or maybe they are not strictly backwards and try a Wavy / Curly look. Here it is simply a little creative to be and if it does not like the Buzz Cut.

Hair Styles-That You Should Remember

Either way, even with a slightly modified cut, you can influence your look noticeably. To be safe, I would always talk openly with my hairdresser about what I had imagined. This should be able to advise you accordingly. Now, of course, I’m still interested, have you already found a favorite for your summer holiday 2015?