Hangouts and Spreadsheets in Google Drive are Down for Some Users

Hangouts, the messaging service Google is down for some users since at 13.20. The widget that shows the contact list in Gmail displays an animation with the message “It’s taking longer than expected” and never finishes loading. Hangouts app for iOS can not send messages to the recipient.

Some users also report that the Google Drive, though list the files available in the account, does not open spreadsheets stored on the service. Other types of documents, such as texts and presentations, seem to have been affected by the problem.

At 13h22, Google issued a statement saying he was aware of a flaw in Google Talk and Google+ Hangouts, but had not recognized any instability in Google Drive. “We are investigating reports of an issue with Google Talk. We will provide more information soon, “the message said.

A few minutes later, at 13h47, Google warned that it was analyzing a problem with Google Spreadsheets. Around 14h, the sheets had already returned to the air for most of the affected users. At 14h30, the company said “soon” the service should be restored to all users.

Google released another note at 14.15 to inform his team was still investigating the problem in Hangouts. The company said that the service was normalized to the users at 15:15.