HANWAG Real Custom Made – Hiking Boots to Measure

Now, Hanwag provides genuine custom made Gore Tex hiking boots with the Globetrotters in Munich. The Bavarian mountain Schuster is the first provider of this service under the name “Hanwag real custom made” easily together with business partner realized – first with the Munich-based GlobeTrotteroutlet at the Isartorplatz.

Many people have two unequal large feet or just the problem that your foot shape different from the norm. Almost never find them suitable footwear and torment around with compromises. Guaranteed the Bavarian mountain cobbler Hanwag provides for remedy with “real custom made” shoes. From 11 October, Hanwag offers its Alaska GTX as a shoe model 2011 with GlobeTrotter in Munich as a first partner.

Hanwag real custom made works with the Lightbeam 3D foot scanner of the measurement specialists Corpus.e from Stuttgart. The scanner detects a highly accurate three-dimensional image of a foot within seconds including its dimensions.


  1. Foot scanner: The customer can be trained GlobeTrotter employees, three-dimensional palpate his foot with a scanner. In less than a minute, the Lightbeam 3D foot scanner missed the base.
  2. Data transfer: The surveying data transmitted via the Internet directly to the Hanwag.
  3. Production of bars: with the help of CAM (computer aided manufacturing), Hanwag manufactures individual strips of two feet for each customer.
  4. Manufacture of bespoke shoes: the action ortrekking shoes Cobbles Hanwag completely in Germany, in the upper Bavarian four churches. After about 5 weeks, the customer can pick up his handmade shoes at the GlobeTrotter in Munich. Hanwag real custom made there to the introduction for the Alaska GTX only. More models are planned.
  5. Personal bar: which are deposited with Hanwag carefully and can be repeatedly used. The next shoes are then more cost-effective, because scanning and production of bars.

The customized Alaska GTX are for women and men in the colors of ash and Earth shoes up to size 16 available. Individuality has its price, but unfortunately also. Around 790 euros (the first few bespoke shoes) you must be willing to pay. But certainly, for active people with ‘Problem feet’, this is an investment that their money’s worth, especially since the next couple but to some is cheaper.