Hard Stomach in Pregnancy

Many pregnant women complain that their belly gets so hard it looks like it will explode. What hardens the belly is the contractions.

Hard Stomach in Pregnancy

Normally, the body of the pregnant woman begins to prepare for childbirth after 25 weeks, but it can happen earlier, it is the famous training contractions or Braxton Hicks.

These uterine contractions can occur several times during the day, with or without pain, at this point you should seek a more comfortable position and breathe slowly, if these contractions appear in very small time intervals you should consult your doctor.

In some cases, especially when the pregnant begins to feel too early these contractions the doctor recipe magnesium to decrease contractions and recommends some rest.

How to distinguish training contractions and contractions of truth

This is the question that many pregnant women ask, especially in the first pregnancy, here are some of the main differences between them.

  • Training Contractions
  • They happen several times a day, at spaced intervals, almost never more than 2 times an hour.
  • They usually stop when they rest.
  • They last less than a minute.
  • They do not increase in intensity.
  • They only reach a part of the belly

If the contractions start to be more intense, more regular, reach the belly and back and do not calm down with rest, start timing the interval between them. If the contractions last about 60 seconds each and occur at intervals of five minutes, you should go to the hospital. Caution if you are under 37 weeks of gestation and feel this type of contractions should go quickly to the hospital, you should not expect the interval to be 5 minutes.

This text is for information only and should always consult your doctor.