Harper Bazaar Icons Party

Still a good point worth mentioning. It is a series of t-shirts designed by some of the most famous brands in the world, including Jimmy Choo and Pringle of Scotland, made ​​by the collaboration between the British edition of party wear for the association Women For Women International for raise public awareness about the living conditions of many women in the areas of critical world, forced to deal with every day wars and violence. The chari-tee, as were calls these t-shirt designs, are unsold on the site Netaporter.com at the price of 42 euro.

Fashion and charity continue to work closely together. The latest initiative that we announce is the one that sees the collaboration between Harper’s Bazaar UK, famous fashion magazine in the world, and the association Women for Women International. The idea was born from the encounter between the British editor of Harper’s Bazaar Lucy Yeomans and founder of women for women International Zainab Salbi, writer of Iraqi and American origin who created this foundation in 1993 to support women in rebuilding their lives.

Lucy Yeomans said: ” I had the pleasure of meeting Zainab during a dinner where he spoke to me of his work and idpirò me very much.” For this reason Yeomans has “hired” a brand team, including Jimmy Choo, Alice Temperley, Pringle of Scotland and many others to achieve a special t-shirt in limited edition to support this association. The t-shirts, you find on Netaporter.com site, are on sale at the price of 42 euro . A very low price, but for some women it can really change your life. Photo by: www.netaporter.com