Has an Exotic Animal? Learn How to Take Care of Him and Protect Him

Always was a fan of the idea of having an exotic animal, pay attention to the advice that we have for you, before taking any decision. Want the best for him.

Take Care of Exotic Animal

Have an exotic animal must be understood as something far beyond the simple desire to have a animal that is different and unusual. Such as the decision to adopt an animal, it must be something assumed so well aware, having no idea of the legal requirements, costs, responsibility and availability required.


According to the new law, which comes to proceed to the amendment of Decree-Law no. 276/2001, of 17 October, which seeks the “Application of the European Convention for the Protection of Animals Company”, any exotic animal or wild can be advertised or sold “through the Internet, in particular through any of the portals or platforms, of a general nature or specific for this type of sale, even though subject to prior registration of users, or restricted access”.

When you purchase an exotic animal by legal means, you must also obtain a license from the town hall of their residence area, that only will grant if there is a favourable opinion of the veterinarian the municipal area.

In addition, we should not forget that many species of wild animals are prohibited in Portugal, among which include: crocodiles, elephants, bears, wolves, deer, snakes, pythons, vipers, serpents, a large number of birds, felines, and primates.


The decision to have an exotic animal must be very well weighted and, to do this, consult a professional veterinarian duly qualified and certified is critical.

After the decision-making, obtaining municipal license, as well as the legal purchase of the animal, we must take into account that each species of exotic animal has its own characteristics and specific conditions of food, habitat and other issues.


There are exotic animals that greatly increase in size, and some can even live for several decades, as is the case of the turtles. Will be able to give an answer?


Most reptiles live in hot climates or tropical in nature, which requires some form of heating, as is the case of the lizards and snakes. If you live in a cooler location, you can always buy lamps to achieve the desired temperature, as well as ultraviolet lamps to provide them with the vitamin D are essential that they would get the sunlight in their natural environment.

The cage of the birds must have, at a minimum, double their height and that is the value to take into account also to the diameter of the article that is going to buy.

Whatever the animal, within the space where it will be, you should always re-create their natural habitat.


One of the major differences between exotic pets and other domestic animals is that the former like to eat prey alive, as is the case of the lizards that eat a variety of insects and other invertebrates, such as crickets, locusts or worms.

In the remaining cases of exotic animals, feeding the most common are the seeds and vegetables.


There are many people who feel a fascination with huge by exotic animals by their look unusual, rather than thinking if they are animals that will not be harmed by the captive home. However, many animals were not created to be touched or handled, but just to be observed.

On the other hand, some lizards, such as geckos and bearded dragons have a docile nature and friendly.

There is yet a third question: some species of exotic animals are nocturnal by nature.


In addition to the initial price for the purchase of a pet exotic, and all the necessary equipment, there will be ongoing costs, such as accounts of the food and veterinary office, being that not all vets may be prepared to receive your pet, forcing even the longer trips.

To help you on all these issues, we have a suggestion: the health plan Vetecare, the first plan that includes exotic animals and that gives you the same discounts as if you had a pet, not exotic, from 13€ per month.


Take care of an exotic animal may not be an easy task. So, if you can save money, without cutting on the quality of life of the animal, so much the better. And the best way to do this is by subscribing to a health plan for the animal.

The plan of the animal health Vetecare is one of the most accessible and complete, without waiting periods, without ceiling or annual, without exclusion of age, species or breed and with a national coverage.

You can take advantage of services such as:

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  • Registry
  • Transport
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  • Training
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  • Funeral Services

If you got any questions and want to know more information, do not worry: the Vetecare comes in contact with you. You can access the health plan in the moment and enjoy all the discounts on any service at the time!