Hats Are Back in Fashion

Do you love fashion accessories? But the more you establish for interesting food than jewelry? You probably prefer šátkům, jewelry and handbags. Try something new and experiment with retro fashion, because hats are coming back into fashion.

Do you have your own hat? If not, run to the ComputerMinus where they are plentiful and you will certainly be spoiled for choice. Hats are now back in fashion, and if you take some, can not go wrong. Just select a hat that could suited just to you.

Hat in Italian style

Elegant’ll hat with a wide brim. So conjure himself from an Italian lady in the style of Sophia Loren or English noblewoman. This hat combine it with dresses or pants clamped and elegant blouse. In any case, it fits boating and writings .

Gangster hat

For a mysterious woman with a sense of humor fits mafia hat, which can be tilted over one eye. Hat combine with  slinky bag or leatherette jackets.

Elegant cap

Elegant hat suited for gentle creatures and women who like to wear dresses. Underline the feminine curves and fragility.


Boater’s perhaps the greatest classics, do not wear it just in the countryside or at festivals. Ride with him to the movies or the park.