Have Style And Use Cap

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Have Style And Use Cap

The cap has long ceased to be just an object to protect the face from the sun and has definitely entered the hall of the men’s accessories. Nor is it news that he has lost that characteristic of being something to be used only by boys from the periphery, since today, between the two sexes, all age groups and, of course, social classes are passing.

It is true, moreover, that the cap is no longer unanimous: caps and hats – the latter, something that had stayed in the early 20th century – have returned with everything in the last decade and so early should not leave the men’s wardrobe. Still, the former continues to reign in preference.

The history of this accessory begins even in the 19th century. It was created around 1869 by American baseball players. The idea was for him to protect his eyes from the sun during the games. At that time, however, there was only the basic model: the cap and the flap. It was not until the 1940s that the cap began to diversify: the first “non-standard” models had the initials or team shields embroidered on the front.

Currently the top model is the straight-flap cap, or “Snap Back” – one commonly used by rappers or skaters.The advantage is that it has a regulation system – usually plastic -, which ends up with that “not fit my head” story. But the others did not go out of style – especially that common, curved brim. On the contrary, these are even more diversified.

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