he Future of the Sale of the BRA

We talk about lingerie.
Certainly the evolution of methods and forms of sale, clearly has spin the market.
On the one hand, are formulas for sale by impulse, by other online sales and other assisted sale.
In these three types of sale, sale by impulse, is that without too many complications, but with a great power and visual communication, is able to attract to the buyer. This attraction is not only in the establishment to seduce us, but there are also irresistible prices. We never do us any questions. We love, we look at the price and were “charmed”.
In this type of sale I also put markets and outlets, wonderful formulas for “place” items to price of the demolition, which have no tag in the first case and in the second if. And that in the two cases are remaining stocks or obsolete samplers, which are sold at ridiculous prices.
In the second case I have put online sales. A type of sale that is becoming more common, but still defending that without having tasted the product (and more a bra), there is a good chance of being wrong. Except that in the case of a store that physically you can try the product, and that following purchases can make them virtually.
There is no doubt that every so often, we go to the store to measure us and adjust back height and the Cup. The tissues deteriorate and age we have a morphological evolution that we must not ignore.
In these first two cases, who have less difficulty to find a bra that fasten without problems, are all those shapes that might be called standard. All those shapes whose volumes prevent “slipping” between the 85 and the 100 and drinks without risks as the B (whether or not correct your size and your cup), end up causing disappointment and inconvenience.
At this point we have to remember that it is shown that 7 out of 10 women don’t use correct size and the Cup, and that half of the consultations or breast pain be avoided using suitable fastener.
And there are the lingerie expert. Those that have carvings, goblets and models to meet any need. They are usually multi-brand, although there are chain stores extremely prepared to give a good assistance to the user.

And in this case there are ones that are evolving, learning new techniques of prescription and fitting bra, exploring the market, using social networks to reach the user.
The market and systems to reach the audience also evolve by leaps. There is where platforms like Sayfit, where a group of experts recommended that he go to the lingerie store recommended. Platform that also has an APP free for mobile.
Indeed the world evolves and the habits and ways of buying and selling as well. The lingerie store do not have an uncertain future, only must adapt to the new demands of users.
In the next post we will discuss the importance of staff prepared to assist users.