Heartburn During Pregnancy

As nausea, heartburn is one of the most obvious side effects of pregnancy. Here too, then, here are some natural remedies to combat heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux.

In pregnancy is very common but tend to increase during the last quarter, and eventually disappear completely only after giving birth, except in subjects suffering from acid indigestion and heartburn even before the maternity.

The main problem is actually another. The demands of pregnancy lead us to reduce, if not eliminate, any kind of medication that might harm the fetus, and in practice, when the circumstances do not require administration, pregnant women avoid completely to undergo any drug therapy. Don’t forget, though, always consult your doctor, especially if you suffer from chronic conditions such as asthma, which if neglected can cause problems both to the mom to the child.

Natural remedies for heartburn in pregnancy

  • Change the power planconsuming possibly dried foods and dividing light meals throughout the day, avoiding the need to weigh down your stomach during a single meal.
  • Avoid or minimize the consumption of coffee, soft drinks, juices and alcohol.
  • SignificantlyReduce the intake of those foods that help acid reflux (side effect of heartburn and indigestion) like chocolate, particularly spicy foods, onions, fries, tomatoes, and especially lemons, oranges, mandarins and sauces.
  • Better manage themeal times letting at least 2 or 3 hours between the meal and the rest, and if you suffer from acid reflux often better to sleep in a slightly elevated position to minimize pressure on the stomach.
  • When you eat the bread lift away the bread crumbs to help counteract the heartburn because it seems.
  • TheChamomile is a great remedy to relieve stomach discomfort, you may concedervene a cup even before going to sleep. Fine teas of fennel, caraway, mauve and rhubarb, which you can find at any herbal medicine.