Heat-Free For The Legs: We Love Summer Shorts!

The best compliment to our legs this season: summer shorts! The short Buxen are the perfect companion for warm days-not only because they give us a lot of leg room and are so wonderfully uncomplicated, but also because we love the many great styles in which summer shorts this season on the fashionable picture appear. 

Our most beautiful accessory this summer are our legs! We can put them on the scene thanks to the many summer haven variations in different looks from sporty to elegant and even business-compatible! How to wear short pants this summer and how the different short models can be combined coolly, you find in our guide. Her with the summer shorts trends 2015!

Hello Legacy: The Summer Shorts Trends 2015

Whether crisp-short or in trendy midi-length:summer shorts are the fabricated ode to the leg-freedom! Once the temperatures crack the 20-degree mark, it will be time to provide light and air to the leg. Thanks to the many great variations that summer resorts have to offer this summer, the selection is not so easy! Depending on the occasion and style, summer shorts 2015 can be staged differently. In the right version of summer women are also women whose legs do not have a streichholz-like “model dimension”.We say: Hello summer shorts, hello style variety:

Bermuda Shorts: Sit loosely and end slightly above knee height. They are slightly more powerful thighs perfect, and they are perfect, for example, with a classic crease and combined with chic tops, a blouse or a light knit sweater, as well as elegant pumps or lace-up shoes, even in the office!

High-Waist-Shorts: Shorts with high-cut waist emphasize the femininity and are ideal for elegant, adult looks. IMPORTANT: Tail tops in the waist “trimmed” or shortened cropped tops prefer to keep the slim silhouette. Belts emphasize the effect.

Business shorts: Short pants miss the classic trousers suit a modern freshness kick and accompany us this season without problems to the job: In the second-tier with a suitable blazer, but also with sweater, blouse or top, we are in business shorts also well-dressed for the office The thermometer rises.

Denim-Shorts: The classic under the summer resorts: Short jeans! The Jeansshorts can be worn both casual (eg with top and sandals) as well as “sophisticated” (eg with a white shirt and a string of lacing). Super DIY plus: Simply cut off old jeans to the desired length. So that’s even more trendy, summer loosely loosely roll up or the hem neatly, turn around twice.

Sport shorts: extra-casual and comfortable – summer shorts in a sportswear and casual look, eg from sweat, neoprene or functional materials. In order to avoid the gymnasium or sports field, sporty summer shorts can be combined with classic basics and elegant parts. Obvious style breaks (eg short sweatshirts to the blouse with statement chain, refined heels and a noble clutch) create an extra big trend potential!

Short: To Wear Summer Shorts

Summer is for many the most beautiful time of the year – summer resorts also fashion out the maximum out of the sunny season! As a practical alternative to dresses and skirts, Summer shorts on programingplease.com give us enough leg-freeness when cycling, picnicking and many other summer activities, without constantly slipping or even risking “panty-blitz”. The huge selection of different cuts and materials makes the summer shorts range so wide this season that there is a pair of pants for every type and self-confidence. Our favorite summer shorts 2015:

Wild leather shorts: The softer, more feminine alternative to rocking leathershorts, which bring a change of coolness with a touch of sexyness into our wardrobe thanks to a wide range of flattering shades of color from nude to pastel.

Print shorts: Printed summer shorts with large, graphic patterns, tropical floral prints or trendy ethno prints (Ikat or Aztec pattern) bring variety to the leg. In contrast, we offer the running passport as well as palm trees or beach motifs-otherwise we can quickly look for a golf course or swimming trunks.

Shorts made of finest materials: In summer shorts made of flowing silk, airy linen or elegant brocade, bouclé or jacquard fabrics, we can feel the whole grandeur and still do not get sweating.

Culottes: As the hottest host of the season, the Culotte, the modern relative of the Trousers Trousers, meets us in shortened short lengths. The loose cut is perfect for a stronger leg part and can be combined wonderfully uncomplicated.

Short, shorter, summer hobbies? We wear hotpants and super-tight shorts confidently to teenagers – there are so much cool, “adult” summer resorts that make the creation of summer-ready outfits a pleasure! Refined details such as pleats, double layers, inserted pleats, gatherings or binding belts lend summer elegance elegance. Depending on the material, the short pants are casual (jeans and sports shorts), sometimes exotic (ethno or khaki shorts, perfect for earthy safari looks, for example), show themselves in mid-length office- and refined cut or slit, Embroidered with sequins or from chopping metallic fabrics absolutely party-suitable.

We say yes to summer shorts, because they are stylish summer happiness to wear!