Honeycomb Ported to Nexus One

Once again, thanks to the sensational team of developers of xda-developers you can enjoy before anyone else in the new version of Android, Honeycomb, in our Nexus One. Yesterday was published the first port (thanks to David Salsa track), still in ALPHA phase, functional Honeycomb in Nexus One SDK, and although much development lacks ahead to be fully usable, is a first approach and a good touchdown if we want to be the first to try the new experience Android Honeycomb with.

As you can see in the picture there is a major interface change, but we fear that the smartphone version will be even different from what we see here, since Google has promised a unification of the tablet and smartphone versions at the recent Mobile World Congress 2011, but they did not specify which parts of the desktop would share and what not, more than the flow bar the main desktop.

In this first port they do not work still the WiFi, Bluetooth, camera or, for example, sensors; but as it has always happened with these versions, will surely be polished to progress in the development, so we will continue attentive to developments and we want to be able to prove a more stable version soon.