Hot In Autumn: Which Lingerie Suits Me?

It gets colder and cooler, the days are getting shorter-but we can look forward to a hot autumn, because the new lingerie will fit us right to the farewell of the summer! In our current post we take a look at the trendiest lingerie trends for the autumn/winter season 2015/16 and supply a small lingerie consultation for different figurine types.

From comfortable underwear to the comfort of the wearer in the cold season, functional lingerie for athletic athletes, shapewear that puts our silhouette in the best light to sexy lingerie highlights that are so beautiful that it is almost too bad, They only “wear” it under: the range could be in the underwear is currently hardly bigger! As a woman, it can be “untendrunter” both athletic-functional as well as seductive-feminine and noble. For every occasion there are matching lingerie! We take a closer look at the hottest lingerie trends in this post.

Pretty Lingerie Trends For A Seductive Fall

Retro cut shapes continue to give the trend tone in the lingerie area. Panties are often cut with a leg and a high waist, bras are characterized for example by ironing-free comfort (perfect for a small upper width) or wide, often lace-trimmed, and often have a similarity to a top in the lingerie style. Plus: The more fabric flatters not only lush, feminine curves, but also ensures that it is at the same time comfortable and sexy at the same time.

Very feminine and elegant look lingerie in precious stones, such as sapphire blue, ruby ​​red or emerald green. Sateen, covered colors like Bordeaux, bottle green, night blue or even a velvety brown have now season and flatter lighter skin. Bright neon colors or wild prints will remain in the drawer until spring.

Fluffy chocolate nuances such as cream beige, nougat, toffee or dark bitter are now lingerie dreams of lace, chiffon, silk or soft microfibre, and stand out from any type of skin as well as timeless pastel tones from champagne to vanilla, bleu and mint to caramel, rosé, Apricot or tender salmon pink.

Also covered taupe, khaki and earth tones make this season in lingerie form speak and a particularly successful contrast to sexy cuts.

Whoever likes it a little more lively: playful floral designs, graphic patterns or animalprints can also be part of the underwear course in autumn and winter. Accents on plain linen put colored little bows, appliqués or embroideries.

There is no way to go to the top of the season this season: both tight top lingerie, which give extra-hot moments through the game with transparency, as well as some “more moderate” inserts of lace, mesh or net create a sexy wow effect.

Bodys have long been treated too neglected, while the pretty ones give us both seductive femininity for underneath and a very comfortable fit. They are the ideal choice for those who do not want to freeze in autumn and winter, but still do not want to do without exciting excitement.Cut-outs, transparent inserts, lace detailing and refined cuts make bodysuits which are not just to be despised, which no longer only attract attention in the shapewear area.

Comfortable, easy-to-wear jersey or cotton qualities ensure that nothing tweaks or pinches, and does not freeze! Delicate colors, pretty prints, but also lace inserts or embroidery make even the real pieces of the well-being pieces, which have nothing more in common with the “Schlellppern”, which hitherto had to hide behind in the laundry drawer! Ideal as bed-clothes or for women who like a straightforward, sporty style, but do not want to do without a touch of sexiness.

Lingerie can now also enter into a mixed double: the upper and lower part no longer have to be absolutely “from a single mold” , as fashionable, young lingerie labels prove and design duet duets, which differ both above and below in material and patterns So that they look exciting and varied.

One of the hottest innovations in the BH area are so-called spacers. These are soft bras, which are made of breathing-active fabric and non-iron, perfectly fit the breast shape and do not press.Push-ups and cup bra with decorated cups are still a big topic. Thanks to the wide selection of different models, each woman can find their individual favorites for it. In the panties, the trend is towards more fabric and more comfortable cuts, ie thong, string and minislip get competition from hipsters, panties and panties with high waist in vintage style.

As a seductive addition, especially in the cold months are now again combined stockings to lingerie. Garter belts, which are worn over the panties and ensure that the stockings remain in place, are also a literally hot lingerie theme.

Small Lingerie Advice For Different Figure Types

Even if lingerie is not visible at first glance: its effect is not to be underestimated! Underwear from noble, flattering materials, in refined cuts and beautiful colors, makes us women not only more confident, we feel all around well in our skin-and depending on the choice of lingerie even really sexy! Invest with beautiful lingerie in your self-esteem-and also make your loved one a pleasure with it. Lingerie is perhaps the most beautiful, because most intimate accessory for the woman and female than all the shoes, bags and necklaces of this world!

You know the hottest lingerie trends already. The question remains: Which lingerie fit me? In the following, answered some of the most important questions about the purchase of lingerie and explain which lingerie are the most suitable for each type of figure.

Find the right bra size: 80% of all women wear the wrong bra size! It is important that the bra is perfectly fit in the breast area, because 80% of the breast weight is worn! Too small cups are as unpleasant as too narrow a breed width or too short set carriers. Our size adviser   helps you to find the right size.

Especially when big bosom does not save: Good hold is important especially with a lush upper range-therefore should not be saved when buying a perfectly sitting, good supporting bra. The female breast consists of adipose tissue, mammary glands and ligaments, the muscles are less pronounced than in men. Supports a bra not good enough, which can even support neck, shoulder and back problems. One to two high-quality, perfectly fitting bras are better than dozens, which neither support nor sit well and are also uncomfortable!

The alternative to the classic straps: For a small top, bras can also be used without support brackets. Bras should be as comfortable as well-fitting shoes. Do not cut, press or press the button, otherwise you have the wrong size. Bustiers, soft or triangle bras are no longer only available in sporty, but also feminine versions, which can look just as sexy as push-ups or balconette bras, which lift the bosom and create an advantage.

Women with lush curves look particularly sexy in lingerie in trendy retro style! A high waist and cropped legs at the panties flatter round hips, a throbbing thigh, wide thighs and a little tummy more than concise cuts and “pack” feminine curves refined and comfortable at the same time.

The new generation of shaping underwear is perfect for women who want their curves to be optimally packaged: Excellent fit and refined designs characterize the new shapewear. This means that shaping lingerie are not only the ideal choice among all the clothing under which “normal” lingerie would appear, but also a highly regarded and more than sexy alternative to the flattering corsetry of the past!

Anyone who has an androgynous figure can emphasize this with sporty cuts or cheer with little tricks a little feminine: bras, which are padded or underlined, conjure more wide range, the panties may be very short on women, however, also fall short, because with it Also missing curves sexy staged.