How do You Make a Picture Frame

What can keep our memories? Fragrances, certain sounds, sights and of course the photographs.
In every home there is at least a decorated frame with a favorite photo. Photo frames choose and buy, so to match the interior design of the room, which will deploy them.
Today we share some great ideas that will show you how you can turn ordinary frames into something beautiful. And even now you do not have a suitable photo to put in them, you can just hang them on the wall because they are very beautiful, or give them away.

Summer is approaching, and with it the sea breaks. Required to collect mussels and snails or buy from stalls for souvenirs. With a little glue and a few pearls will make an incredible summer decoration.

In every house there is a small bag in which you have collected varied and colorful buttons. Rather than throw them away, you can decorate them with photo frame.

In the nursery there is always room for photos. But the framework must also comply with the interior. This idea is a technique used for decoupage. All you need is a towel or magazine clippings with the desired pattern, decoupage glue and paintbrush.

At the hardware store or a household, you will find artificial flowers. Buy a few. If necessary, remove the stalk. Then with watercolor paint add a little color on the picture frame. Once dry well can fix floral motifs with glue.

If you want to make a really unusual decoration, use different types of grains. This idea is used lens. Apply to a small portion of the frame glue, then sprinkle generously with lentils. Press and proceed with decoration. Once dry well will have one photo frame.