How to Choose a Dress According to Your Body Shape

The large size dress is feminine garment par excellence. It reveals emphasizes shapes, highlights and attracts attention. But that one is thin, round, small or large, a dress will only effect that if chosen carefully, according to the morphology of each . If this dress is fine for your best friend, it will not be exactly the same on you. Not that you are less well damn it, you’re just both different and beautiful in your own way. Do not miss a chance to shine in the evening or at the office with a large dress you sublimate.

Fashion changes every month, to the despair of your banker and your lover sees you coming back each time with new clothes. Rather than give in to the siren song, build you a modern and varied wardrobe . Dare to mix different styles for a unique look. Take trends rooms but not too much, you can still take years.

But first, get to know your body type. You are round, but round like? Up or down? Belly ?Thighs ? What you see as a problem, we see it as an asset. With shapes, colors and printed clothes, you can hide your complex and highlight your strengths.

What size dress for your body type?

Round like… Velvet d’amour (in figure a)

The morphologies A are recognizable by their narrower shoulders than the basin. Shoulders and chest are small, compared to the hips and thighs that are wider. To find out if you are an A, look at the label of your clothes: the size of your blouses must be less than your pants.

The goal for morphologies A is to rebalance the upper and lower body. We must draw the eye to the top, with bright colors, with shoulder pads and V-necklines

Your strengths are your arms, chest and legs. Put them in style, with a strapless dress or princess (seam under the bust). You must draw the eye to the upper part of your body for it, choose a dress with sleeves or straps. This way, your body will be rebalanced.

Your hips are quite marked: Choose a dress that follow your curves without too much mold.Do not wear dresses with petticoats. This would only increase the figure to give effect “bottle of Orangina.”

Round like … Clementine desseaux (figure x)

The morphology X is the female because it has a defined waist, chest and generous hips. The top and bottom of the body are well balanced, making shopping easier.

If you do not have a belly, do not hesitate to put the belts to emphasize your slim waist, a dress or wrap over.

Lucky, you can almost all afford! Choose a dress with cinched waist and a fitted top to emphasize your cleavage. You can also indulge yourself with a draped dress or strapless.

Remember to emphasize the waist so that you notice the balance between the upper and lower parts of the body. The pencil skirt is your best friend: with a cotton shirt, you have a simple and elegant attire for the office. In the evening, the barter shirt for a top with a cowl neck; Are you ready to spend a glamorous evening.

Round as … Beth ditto (figure h)

Women with a silhouette type H have no marked waist, hips and shoulders are in alignment.Again, to determine your body type, do the test clothes: size must be the same for the high than low.

To redraw the silhouette, we have to create a waist. Be careful not to fall into the trap of choosing the easy wrap-tops or putting belts: they only underscore the lack of size and out the round belly.

To this figure, we must create the illusion of a waist. For this, an empire waist gown will do wonders. In addition it will have the advantage to emphasize your cleavage. Opt for straight cuts, but near the body, which set off your figure. You can wear a belt, but not on the stomach. If it is a little round, wear it underneath.

The trap to avoid: the flared dresses that bring volume where there is no need. Play on necklines and collars or necklaces that will dress up your dress.

Round as … Adele (figure o)

Women with a morphology O have small shoulders, generous chest, wide hips, buttocks and a more or less pronounced belly. The advantages charms to highlight: the ample bosom and slender legs.

To balance the silhouette, we have to lengthen it with a top and V and a shift dress. You can structure your body with a wrap dress that will create the illusion of a waist. Avoid the high empire style or too fluid materials that emphasize the round belly.

For morphologies O, you have to play with the lines of the dress to elongate the silhouette.The look should not be stopped. To do this, choose a dress with a V neckline that extends the line of the neck or strapless dress. The cut should be right to draw the shapes of the body.

Your curves are distributed harmoniously, do not choose subjects stretch too much or too slinky which would mark the smallest defects. If in addition to being an “O” you are petite, avoid long robes bunched instead of stretching.

Round as … Amber riley (figure v)

The morphologies V are characterized by a large bust, that is to say that the shoulders are wide and the chest is generous. To find out if you’re a V, compare the labels of your clothes: the size of your shirts should be higher than your pants.

The points to note are your cleavage and your slender legs. To harmonize the silhouette, you can show a little down your legs, with such a dress that stopped at the knees, worn with a plain top. Stay away from dresses with shoulder pads that would draw attention to your upper body.

The objective is to minimize the width of the shoulders and draw the eye downward. For this, opt for empire or asymmetrical dresses. Dresses with sleeves conceal your shoulders and your arms if you find them too round. Your legs are your best features: do not hesitate to unveil with a dress that reaches the knee.

Avoid too vertical or boat necklines that mark the uprightness of your shoulders. Also, pay attention to the width of the straps of the dress: too thin, they mark the discrepancy with the shoulders.

The large size dress has no secret for you. Summer dress, ceremony or cocktail, you can indulge yourself now by investing in beautiful dresses on the long-term.

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