How to Choose a Security Camera

Surely in these moments is looking for security cameras, as well, here we will provide you with important information so that it can be applied appropriately to your choice, since sometimes it can become a headache but will have the necessary information.

How to Choose a Security Camera

The first thing you need to do is to know the variety and types of security cameras that exist, distinguishing the following:

  • Security cameras with infrared light
  • Dome Cameras
  • Box cameras
  • Zoom cameras
  • Hidden cameras

The next thing you need to do is to consider the advantages of using each of these cameras, for example, can start with a camera with infrared port (also known as securitypology), as these are the most used for safety in businesses and homes.

Then, I’ll be describing the advantages of each.

Advantages of security cameras go

Security IR camera (with infrared port) present the following characteristics:

  1. Infrared cameras produce a high-resolution color and video during the day, however in low light conditions are cameras are preferred.
  2. These cameras have the ability to illuminate specific areas by automatically changing colour to black and white mode. So as the infrared lights and allows you to see more clearly what the human eye cannot perceive with the naked eye in the darkness.
  3. They can be used both indoor and outdoors in places with low light, and work right.
  4. Some of these cameras can be water-proof and are suitable to withstand both high and low temperatures and any climate problem.
  5. If used indoors, these cameras offer clear images with high or low light.

Advantages of security cameras of dome

There are different types of these cameras, there are with infrared, for indoor, outdoor, dome and controllable with zoom.

There is a type of these cameras that have blurred lens, i.e., it is covered in such a way that it is impossible to determine which side is pointing the camera and thus trick the human eye. This coverage does not affect the image of the camera.

Other features are:

  • Of these cameras, you can expect a good resolution and color in the image.
  • Most of the dome with zoom cameras are to settle partly high.
  • You can find them either indoor or outdoor.

Advantages of the box security cameras

These security cameras are similar to conventional video cameras, they have a certain volume that makes them quite visible. However, they are very popular and used by its high quality video.

These cameras are often used by banks, supermarkets, Department stores, warehouses, etc.

Feature because:

  • Cameras lenses can change pictures based on the angle, vision and zoom that is required.
  • Some of these cameras are found with the name of day and night cameras, these cameras may be changing its colors of light during the day and go to black and white at night, even if they are in low light conditions.

If it does not require a camera with infrared most advisable is to use one of these.

Advantages of security cameras with Zoom

These cameras can be controlled from a DVR, visualization software, or a joystick. So can go from top to bottom, right to left, and obviously have the ability to zoom.

For example with these cameras you can very well capture an image away as a face in an identification.

You can also program them to make certain turns and monitor specific areas while is absent.

Places such as airports, casinos, luxury buildings or stores such as Walmart use this type of cameras.

It is worth mentioning that this type of cameras are the most expensive there, so before buying a wonder if you really need one of this type, that you need a cable for installation.

Advantages of the hidden camera

These cameras are the best options when you want not to have a visible camera, then better escondiendola.

There are several types of hidden cameras that appear to be many things like fake smoke detectors, false monitors, clocks, signs of output (or any other), among many other examples.

The disadvantage of hidden cameras is not having enough capacity for the infrared mode, which limits visibility when there is very little light. In addition many of these cameras are not waterproof, so they can not be installed in outdoor areas, since they break down easily.

Places such as pharmacies, halls of hotels, houses with maids, places of public assistance among others are sites that occupy this types of cameras.

Wired or wireless security cameras

Once you have chosen what type of camera you want now must decide between wired or wireless cameras.

There is a wide range of cameras with cables that allow you to not only have better options but also offer better video quality. Instead the wireless cameras can be a bit misleading and difficult to find, in addition to requiring an overview without any hindrance, since otherwise they may represent a problem.

Due to the quality of the video (among other reasons) we strongly recommend to use a wired security camera that wirelessly. Wired cameras have a DVR support and carry a single cable (RG-59), with this cable you can put a camera up to 8 meters away from the floor.

Wired cameras have a much broader average duration on battery and life than those without cable.

The obstacles are not a problem for the cameras with cables, because that usually you can relocate or move the lens without moving the camera.

As last advice we suggest the following:

  • First ask for the most popular security cameras before selecting a specific.
  • Always prefer cameras with better resolution, since they are the cameras with best quality on the market.
  • Choose the camera according to your needs and use that to give. Remember that the infrared approves water are the most ideal for outdoors.

All cameras vary depending on whether they are inside or outside both their ability and their quality, so it is important to see several options.